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Our very first day at Gili Trawangan was a experience!
This is such a adorable and fun (!) island, and you can visit the whole island in half a day. Of course the only transport here are the horses, but please do not use the horses when you visit The Gili Islands. They are not treated properly at all, most of them are starving, staying out in the extreme heat and sun for hours, and this is something I had a very hard time with when staying here at Gili Trawangan.
This is literally the only negative thing I have to say about this gorgeous and fun island in Indonesia.
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3 habits that will make you not a victim in your own life anymore

Have you ever said one of these three lines (Or similar ones)
1. “I can’t lose weight because I have a back pain?”
2. “I couldn’t finish my project because my project partners were not easy to work with?”
3. “I can’t do what I want in life, because I have depression and anxiety?”

Let’s be honest here.
Every single one of us have had these thoughts, or similar ones, at least a few times in our lives, if not a lot. Maybe you even have some of these thoughts every single day, maybe today, which is by the way, completely normal.
But is it healthy?

Don’t get me wrong.
It is not to say that either having depression or anxiety, or having back pain, is easy.
It is not to say that everything in life is fair.
It is not to say that it’s not easy to not (!) blame those type of factors for how our life is.

But (!) most importantly is to acknowledge, understand and be honest with yourself –
YOU are in the very end, no matter what external factors happening, no matter your past, no matter what – In charge of your own life. You are stronger than this, and you are more capable than what you give yourself credit for.

Take charge.
Stop being the victim.
There are always ways to change it around, and do better. And why exactly do you want to do this? For yourself.
You deserve it.
You don’t deserve being a victim anymore.

I’ve been the victim of my own mind, my past, my circumstances, my excuses.
I wasn’t able to lose weight, I was overweight, I was depressed, I was exhausted, I was angry at my past and everybody in my life, I was not happy. And who was really to blame?
Myself. Because I let myself stay in the same situation, around the same type of people and I let myself drown in my own victimizing of my very own being.
What did that result in?

I was not able to live my life happily, free, and live life to the fullest.
Now I know that we CAN, we are capable.
If I can do it, YOU can do it.
We don’t know each others past, circumstances or anything else, but we do know that we are strong enough and worthy enough.
Never make the mistake of assuming that someone else’s life is easier, or that if someone has something you want, that they haven’t fought for it. We don’t know.
Always stay humble.

So how do you start taking responsibility in your own life, and stop being the victim?

1. Be aware. This is the most important one. If you are not aware, and not honest with yourself, how on earth will you know how to change something? Just start easy by learning to be aware of your thought patterns.
2. Acknowledge. Every time one of these victimized thoughts pops into your mind, accept it and don’t blame yourself. Acknowledge that this is how you feel. It is ok to be angry, sad or disappointed. It is ok to acknowledge that life isn’t easy and it is ok to cry.
3. Change. Do something to change the pattern of thoughts. Accept that that’s how you feel, and only then will you be able to little by little, replace it with something else.

If you are having a hard time losing weight due to back pain, learn about back pain, what you can do to ease it or possibly even fix it, take responsibility for it and learn what type of exercise you can do.
If you are having a hard time finishing a project due to difficulties collaborating with the people in your group, take charge and start communicating. Talk with them. Ask what can be done and be the one who does a change. In worst case, maybe there can be a change in the actual group members that is beneficial for everyone. Understand that everyone is responsible, and everyone is included.

If you have depression and anxiety, take responsibility for that and seek help. There are so many ways to work with this, and everybody has to start somewhere. If you just keep on telling yourself that this is how it is, and there is no way to change it, that will also be the result in your life and the truth for you.
If you tell yourself that this is how it is right now, I am not happy or satisfied with it and I will do whatever I can to work on this, you open up for the possibility to change it.
Your thoughts create your life.

So remember:

Are YOU ready to take some steps?
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If you plan on visiting Bali, don’t forget to stay at least one or two nights in Monkeyforest street, Ubud.
The fact that the monkeys live here freely, and that they are climbing on restaurants wall, waking you up outside your bungalow in the morning and stealing your stuff is to me fantastic, incredible and I’m literally out of words.
If I could just pack up all my stuff and move here  I would do it in a heartbeat, so maybe this is where I’ll spend my old days, what do you think?
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10 ways to get enough energy and workout daily

  1. Eat right and enough food
    There is no way around it – If you don’t fuel your body with what it needs for all it’s organs and functions, your energy to actually work out won’t last too long. We can only run on “not enough” fuel for so long, and you don’t want to put your body in a negative spiral. Take care of it!
    You need food and energy for just being alive, for all your daily tasks, for being able to do your job, and on top of that you need a little extra if you are going to have enough energy to workout daily.
    The easiest way is actually learning how to listen to your body: when you are hungry, eat, when you are not hungry, don’t eat. Don’t overdo anything. Work on finding a balance.
  2. Sleep enough and rest
    There is no way around this one either. You need rest to recover from your everyday life, and from your workouts especially. When you push your body, and you break down your muscles at the gym, your body needs rest, sleep and energy from food, to recover and build up. This is how you become stronger, more fit and become the best version of you possible. Only you know how much rest is the most beneficial for you – What’s enough, what’s not enough and what’s too much.
  3. Don’t overdo it when you actually are at the gym – Follow your body and your own personal growth. Everyone is different
    Stop comparing yourself to everyone else – You are in your own space, your own mind, your own body and soul. This is your growth and process – Not the person next to you, not a model you saw in some magazine, not your neighbor, not your friends, but you. Keep track of your own progress, either on a piece of paper, in a note on your phone, or in your mind, and remember to keep challenging yourself, but also allow yourself to have days you don’t have to be 100%.
  4. Make sure you get the right vitamins, minerals and everything else your body needs
    For some people, taking vitamin supplements and other supplements such as proteins, is necessary. If you don’t have a lot of knowledge on the subject, you can easy either talk to a personal trainer who also specializes in nutrition and supplements, or you can do it as easy as talking to the people who works in a supplement store. You can even learn it yourself by reading and studying, online and/or books.
  5. Take days off in between, or change your workout routine
    Our bodies and minds easily like to stay in a comfortable zone, both physically and mentally. By staying there too long, the progress will stop. It is important to allow yourself to have a few days of rest, or for example only do cardio days. if you do a lot of weight and muscle workouts. You will benefit more from it, both mental and physical, and make sure that you keep the workouts fun and the progress going. You don’t have to be bored at the gym, and you don’t have to get stuck in one routine for too long – Change it up a bit, have fun, take a class, run outside, go bicycling, go hiking, try yoga and experiment.
  6. Drink enough water
    Please give your body enough water. It is so easy to forget to drink enough water, and it’s so important. If you think it’s difficult, try first to make a deal with yourself about changing almost all the other drinks you (possibly) drink during a day, with water. Examples here are juices, smoothies, coffee, milk, tea and so on. Also try to always bring a water bottle with you, and always bring a water bottle at the gym. Make it a habit.
  7. Meditate and take breaks from your everyday life
    To regain strength, motivation, happiness and energy you need to completely “shut down” once in a while, preferably every single day. It doesn’t matter if it starts with only 10 min a day. It’s a start. If you haven’t tried mediation before,  there are so many options nowadays that you can literally pick and choose. How about trying a meditation app, just to get a sense of how it works? Or maybe try a mindfulness class? Learn how to breathe properly, be present in the moment, release stress and be good to yourself. You deserve it.
  8. Be kind to yourself and have fun. Every day.
    Having fun gives so much energy, especially for me. I have to laugh a lot. All the time. I have to dance around. I have to play and I have to live. If I go too long without these things, my energy drops and I become more sad than I would be if I didn’t stop it. I can even get depressed. Every single thing in life is about finding the perfect balance for you to get the most out of your life.
  9. Do what YOU love at the gym, not what you dislike, or in worst case – Hate
    As I mentioned earlier, workouts are suppose to be giving in one way or another. For some it might be giving just to get started, for others it’s about knowing, seeing and feeling their body change, becoming stronger, getting more endurance, getting more energized, maybe fitting into a piece of clothing you haven’t in a while. Try to make the most out of the time at the gym, and be in your zone. This is actual, real YOU time, so don’t waste it. If you don’t like what you are doing now – Do something else.
  10. Drag your ass to the gym, and do something! Get started! Everything is better than nothing
    Every workout doesn’t have to be an hour long or more, sometimes 20 minutes is enough, sometimes 30 minutes, sometimes 45 minutes. There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to this, and you are lucky enough that you can figure out on your own what works better for you. I always tell people – It’s better to get started, to just do it and get into a routine, then skipping it.
    Are YOU ready?

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Happy weekend guys! How’s the start of this weekend for YOU?
Do you feel happy, energized and excited?
Did you wake up today feeling that life is good?
I really hope so!
For me this weekend is mostly gonna be centered around work, workouts and maybe I’ll hit the town for a drink or two now that I’m back in my beautiful, cold home country Norway for a month.
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Lots of love and hugs!



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Have you ever heard the quote “Your mind is your prison when you focus on your fear”?
It’s one of my favorite ones, mostly because I resonate so much with it. I was imprisoned by my own mind, for so many years of my life. I am until this very day “breaking out of prison”, challenging my fears and freeing myself.
We all have fears, let’s be honest, let’s be real. But it’s what you decide to do about them, or not do, that ultimately decides your destiny.
You are in power and control of your own mind, and you are able to expand your mind so much further than you probably know or can even imagine.

Sometimes it can be a little difficult to even be aware of our fears, because they can be so deeply hidden inside of us.
As an example, a group of girls are going to av event together, and before they attend the event they all text and call each other to meet up beforehand. Now this can be just for fun, but it can also be an “imprisonment” of their minds. Only they can know.
Are the simply meeting up to hangout and go together as a group because that’s more fun for them, or are they a little bit scared of going by themselves?

These type of fears are the ones I am talking about in this video, and the ones that I want YOU to challenge yourself on this year.
This is my first BIG challenge for you guys in 2018 – There will be more to come!
Please do share 3 of your fears that YOU WILL overcome this year with me in the comments, and don’t forget to join our newly started support group on Facebook -> JOIN HERE!
Let’s make this year count – Let’s free ourselves, our bodies, our minds!


30 dager uten godteri og brus – 1. Challenge 2018

Er DU klar?
Er dette året ting faktisk forandrer seg, ikke fordi du har satt deg et nyttårsforsett, men fordi du faktisk VIL ha det livet du fortjener?
You VS You?
Jeg er klar og jeg vil ha DEG med!

I 2018 har jeg laget en avtale med meg selv – Jeg skal utfordre meg selv på alt jeg er redd for, alt jeg har lyst å gjøre men ikke har turt tidligere og alt jeg vet jeg vil få til.
Jeg startet prosessen da jeg gikk ned over 20kg i vekt og den har fortsatt siden den gang, mens jeg har reist jorden rundt, mens jeg har utviklet meg og mens jeg etter en kraftig nedtur i 2016 overlevde noe jeg ikke trodde jeg skulle overleve,

Jeg håper DU vil bli med meg og jeg håper du vil kaste deg på utfordringene sammen med meg i år!
Derfor har jeg laget en egen gruppe for oss som skal gjøre dette året til det beste året mulig, hvor vi kan motivere hverandre, diskutere, komme med forslag og kanskje til og med treffes?

Hvis du synes dette høres interressant, spennende og motiverende ut, gjør dette:

Klikk deg inn på Facebook og følg siden min HER
Meld deg deretter inn i undergruppen som heter “2018 – The year of actual changes” HER

Den første utfordringen jeg vil gi DEG i år er følgende:
30 dager uten godteri, brus og raffinert sukker!
Jeg har kjørt disse utfordringene tidligere og for mange av dere har dette vært en inngang til en sunnere og mer balansert livsstil. Vi spiser for mye sukker og det er noe som kroppen din så raskt kan vendes av med – Hvis du holder deg unna for en liten periode. Det er ofte alt som skal til.
Bestem deg IDAG, meld deg inn i gruppen og siden min og la oss gjøre dette!
Er DU med?
PS – En ekstra sjanse er det også til å jobbe med engelsken din, da gruppa kjøres hovedsakelig på engelsk med tanke på reisene mine;)



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Ikke hadde jeg trodd at det å forsove seg til soloppgangen i Bali skulle vise seg å bli en så fantastisk dag. Dagen vi valgte å dra til vakre og populære tegalalang rice fields begynte det å pøsregne, noe som endte opp med å gjøre dagen til tidenes mest minnerike og vakre opplevelse.
Bali og Indonesia er og blir et av mine favorittland, av så vanvittig mange grunner. Varmen, kulturen, menneskene, arkitekturen, dyrene, og listen er eviglang så jeg skal stoppe her.
Ikke glem å klikk “abonner” på Youtube kanalen min – Da blir jeg SÅ glad!
Fortell meg hva din beste reiseopplevelse er? Kom igjen!!