The big spring clean up is coming – What are you cleaning out this year?

It’s spring. Longer days, more sunshine, warmer weather.
It’s time for a good clean up.

How do I plan on doing my clean up this year? First I am going to continue focusing on what I shared in my previous post. The weight loss this time is more than ever about my mind. I am learning new and better ways to combine being healthy in my mind as well as in my body, and not putting myself down in any way at all for any reason at all. We are all human, we are all equal and we are all worthy no matter what. It’s so easy to body shame yourself when the issues really isn’t about your body, it doesn’t start there.

Being healthy is a combination of many factors – Not just the physical body. You can be a professional athlete, have a six pack and eat as healthy as anybody could dream of without actually being healthy. Healthy goes far beyond that. Healthy is deeper.
I am constantly working on these parts of myself as this is also the best way I can share my knowledge and experience with the world and help more people feeling better and better about themselves and in their life.

Life is suppose to be good, I have always believed in it – In both hard and good times. I believe in love, I believe in the good, I believe in peace and I believe in taking care of your body as it is your temple.

The rest of my clean up is practical things when I travel back to Norway this weekend. I have to get the rest of my belongings, clothing’s and stuff that I don’t really need sorted out. Some things I may give to charity, to friends and family and some things I may throw away. Some things I will keep. Traveling for months, almost a year, has totally changed my life and at this moment all my belongings are stored in an old, big sauna room in my mom’s house. It’s quite amazing looking back at how I thought I needed all the material things in my life to be happy, and when I finally had all that I could ever wish for seen in a materialistic matter – I was more unhappy than I had ever been. Little by little it changed and I had to do it to be happy and healthy. Other aspects of my clean up is going to be working on keeping and nurturing good relationships and people that I want to keep in my life as well as sorting out more work aspects and get more routines in my life. It’s important finding a balance of enjoying and working.

This years clean up is gonna be a good one.
Tell me how your clean up is happening this year? What are you doing for yourself?
Sending lot’s of love out to all of you beautiful people! Xx


1-2-3 Ready! Let’s drop the weight!

Traveling in California sure provides you with the one thing us Norwegians long for most of the year – Gorgeous weather. These days the sun is so hot, I am currently sun burned all over my chest after laying in the bikini by the pool and realized at the same time that two (!) of my favorite denim shorts didn’t fit me anymore. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not the end of the world, it’s more interesting to me how fast it can happen without me even being aware of it and that takes me back to the time I used to be over weight. Another thing that is interesting to me is learning how the most easy, simple dishes in America can have as much as the double amount of calories as what I would get ordering some kind of the same thing in Norway. Here much of the food is so full of sugar and fat that are easily hidden and I wasn’t aware of it. Until now.
Note: These pictures is taken before my weight gain

I knew that it would for sure happen to me this time, which I was fine with as long as I didn’t let it go too far ( As you guys know I used to be over weight some years ago and I worked hard to lose all that weight ). Traveling around in places around Asia for several months, being sick for almost the whole period where my body couldn’t take in a lot of food because of something I got in Asia and then staying some time in America laying in bed all day, eating whatever I want at anytime I want, spending Christmas here and not to mention all the clubbing I have been doing, has given the results that was expected.

I have decided to lose about 6  kilos / 14 pounds before the summer starts. Well, actually it feels like the summer is already here, but I have to go by my Norwegian seasons on this one guys or else I may actually freak out.

So how do I plan on doing it? I know that many of you still keep asking me the same questions about food, exercise and dieting and I will not stop saying what I always say – First of all, it starts from the inside. To lose weight, you need to actually like and care for the person you are today. Second, you don’t need to make total, complete changes in the way you eat and live from day one. Take it time by time, little by little. Make goals, but make smaller goals that you can achieve on the way to your big goal. It also of course depends on how much weight you need to or want to lose. If it’s only a couple of pounds, it won’t be as challenging mentally as if you are doing a total transformation like I did when I was over weight.

The things I am going to change this time are easy and small changes that gives results:
1. I will drink more water.
2. I will workout at least three to four times a week as well as going on hikes and walks daily. My plan is to add more workouts as I go when I feel I am ready to do it.
3. I will cut out or cut down to a bare minimum on candy, potato chips, cakes, fast food and not order food in.
4. I will eat more protein, eggs, oatmeal, vegetables, wherever I am staying and not only eat out or order in.
5. I will take all my vitamins every day.
6. I will be careful when I go clubbing and use my mind.
7. I will not do things I don’t like to do. I don’t do workouts I am not able to have fun with, I don’t eat anything I don’t like the taste of and I don’t force myself over and over to do things that I literally hate. That doesn’t mean that I won’t have to kick myself in the ass sometimes, but I believe there’s always a healthy balance for everything.

It doesn’t have to be extreme, do it the way you feel is right for you, but don’t fool yourself either. Work on finding a balance, don’t be afraid to try different types of workouts in both how challenging they are and also what type of workouts you do, different types of foods, having fun with the process, exploring and enjoying life.
I fully believe in enjoying life as much as possible, also when you are losing weight. Don’t beat yourself up, lift yourself up, be good to you, be good to others and don’t give up. Believe that you are worth it because you really really truly are and if you are doing it it should only be for yourself, not for a boy or girlfriend, not for the society, not for anything or anyone else, but for you, your health and your mind.

Is there somebody else out there who is planning on dropping some weight before the summer? Tell me in the comment section guys! Xx


Walk the walk

Grasshopper, grasshopper, I am ready for my jump. It’s scary, and that’s why I have to and will do it. That’s how I do things. Everything I ask for happens. Everything I pray for happens. Everything I believe in becomes the truth. I asked for it so I better walk the walk, and not just talk the talk.

Have you ever been so close to what you want, what you always dreamt about, what you prayed for, what you said was all you ever wanted and then, when it’s right there, you are closer than you have ever been, you know it because you can feel it, you can see it, you can almost reach out to it, touch it, smell it, taste it, it fills your whole body and soul, and then something inside of you just stops completely? You are paralyzed. This is where I am, this is normal, but what is it?
It’s just fear and fear is something to conquer, grow from and to achieve success from.

“What if I’m wrong? What if I make a wrong decision? What if it doesn’t work out the way I want it to? What if I am screwing up my life?” That’s when you have to sit down and actually use the brain we were so lucky to get and develop. What on earth is it that I personally have been doing up until now? All I have been doing, working on, has prepared me for what I asked for from as early as when I was 5 years old. Time is not what you think it is, time is not time, it goes back and forth, you go back and forth, in and out, you ask for something? You better be sure that you are going to get it.

I know it’s hard to understand what on earth I am talking about when I speak so secretly, but you guys just gotta give me a little bit more time. I have crawled up from the dirt, I have made life changing decisions over and over and over again, I have traveled the world, I have done all that I said and it takes some time. In one year my life has turned completely upside down, and without me even realizing it, it happened because I asked for it. Now I’m complete, happy, strong and most important: I am free. Sometimes you ask for it without even knowing. That’s why it’s so extremely important to be aware of how you feel and think. Your feelings will always tell you if you are on the right path. Listen to yourself, listen to your heart, use your intuition, be brave and dare to do the jump – You were made for it! It’s all right there for you, for me, for everybody. Have a fantastic, inspiring and lovely weekend guys! Go out there and make all of your dreams come true!


Monkey Flower Villas at Turtle Island – Koh Tao, Thailand

Are we talking Villas or are we talking Villas? Monkey Flower luxurious Villas are located in gorgeous Koh Tao – The turtle Island in Thailand. Have you guys heard about this place? This is the absolute most luxurious experience when you are traveling to this beautiful Island. When and if you are heading to Thailand you should definitely also take a local boat and visit this stunning, small, adorable paradise Island. You will never forget this place, and you will never forget Monkey Flower Villas.

The Villa I stayed in has as much as 4 bedrooms (!), 3 floors, a giant pool, a big living room and kitchen, a outdoor balcony with a view over the entire Island, and not to mention – When you stay here, you get a personal driver for your whole stay. Can you guys believe that? I am smiling big only thinking about it, and I remember I even had challenges leaving the Villa because staying there is a whole vacation experience itself. At Koh Tao you can go Scuba diving, enjoy amazing food for a very good price, rent a motorbike and have some fun, hike and so much more! I have to admit that I started feeling just a little spoiled, and I can’t say I hated that part. I have been traveling in so many different ways, stayed at so many different accommodations around the world and I absolutely love the feeling of it. I love it all, I love to experience new things, I love to explore and I love exotic, beautiful countries. Thailand is a country I am definitely going back to and I will for sure head back to this Island, see the rest of it and spend some more time at Monkey Flower Villas. Who else loves Thailand?


Backpacking – What to pack?

You are ready, the time has come, the moment is here, it’s exciting, you feel adventurous and ready to go ahead on the trip of your life. Let’s go backpacking!

Suddenly you realize that you have never done this before and you have no clue how to fit everything you need in just one backpack.
In this post I will give you guys tips on how to be smart when you are packing for such a trip where most of the places are warm countries. I learned a lot during my 5 months of traveling with a giant, blue backpack on my back, and a small black and yellow backpack on my front. Was it hard? Oh yes! Did I listen to all of the good advises from so many people about packing before I left Norway? Oh No! Have I learned from it? Absolutely.

1. You don’t need more than one, maximum two bikinis. I brought ten (!) with me and the only reason I did it was because of my blog and Instagram. I wanted to be able to change and I knew that when traveling in Asia, Australia, Indonesia and Fiji a lot of my photos would be in a bikini because of the temperature.
2. Don’t pack clothes you care about. It’s better to have clothes you can throw away when you find something else you wanna buy instead of doing like me – Buy all new clothes for the trip and then having problems fitting everything in the backpack when I went shopping. Remember that backpacking is not a trip for shopaholics going crazy, so you want to make sure you have as much space as possible for when you find something you really want to buy.

3. Pack a “pharmacy” but only pack the things you know you will need. Examples here are a “emergency kit” for travels or buy singles like I did. Band aids, a small scissor, disinfectant, cremes, medicine, painkillers etc.
4. Depending on where you are traveling, some places there won’t be anywhere to do your laundry and therefore it’s a good idea to bring a “multi wash” small bottle for laundry, showers etc. I literally showered in the jungle several times. Amazing!
5. Bring samples when it comes to makeup and skin care. Buy more on the way if you have the money and need for it.
6. Always bring one warm sweater made of preferable wool. Good to have on the plane or chilly nights.

7. Sunscreen! This is very important. Bring small bottles with high SPF and buy more on the way if you need to.
8. Mosquito repellent spray for both clothes and skin. It’s also a good idea to bring a mosquito tent if you are traveling where there is dengue or malaria.
9. All your papers. It can also be a good idea to make a couple of copies of your passport. Papers you need to bring is travel documents, flight tickets, vouchers if you have programs, vaccination card, driver license, insurance papers etc. Always keep your insurance card with you at all times as well as your passport.
10. World wide adapter for your computer, camera, mobile phone etc. Remember that the outlets are different all around the world.

11. A body tight belt that you can keep your passport, credit card and the most important things at all times in. This belt is suppose to be hidden under your clothes at all times. Never walk around without this. If you wanna use this belt for money as well just remember not to have too many coins so that it won’t be too full and visible.
12. Earplugs is a good idea if you are sensitive to noise like me, also bring eye mask if you are sensitive to light.
13. A good pillow for flying and traveling. You will most likely use plane, train, bus etc over many hours so a good pillow is a must.
14. Bring one pair of good sneakers and one pair of sandals. If you are going to more colder countries try to schedule the cold countries at the end of your route so you can buy what you need in these countries. I did this when I came to USA.

15. Bring one pair of comfortable shorts and one pair of comfortable pants.
16. Bring underwear you can throw away if you want to, underwear that has a good breathable fabric and that feels good on your skin.
17. If you want to you can bring a water bottle that has a filter inside. Always remember to be aware about drinking tap water and ice cubes, especially in Asia, but also other parts of the world. Do some research and bring medicine for upset stomach just in case.
18. A notebook and a pen. Don’t trust technology fully when traveling as a backpacker.

19. Hand sanitize. I used this all the time when traveling around the world. You can also buy a spray you can use on cutlery. I used the spray mostly in Thailand and Indonesia.
20. Bring an extra backpack as a carry on if you are traveling with electronics. You don’t wanna put your Mac book in your big backpack.
21. Don’t forget tags and locks on your luggage!
22. If you wanna pack smarter and get more space you can buy customized bags where you roll your clothes instead of just putting them all around in your backpack. This doesn’t only give you more space, it also helps you keeping everything in place so that you won’t have to mess up your backpack every time you need something.

23. Bring safety equipment. Safety on the trip is extremely important. I had a spray and also an alarm placed around my wrist.
24. Bring moisture safe bags. You can get these in travel stores. This is smart when you have dirty laundry / wet towels, or if you wanna protect your electronics a little extra. I had three bags – One for my Mac book, one I used to keep clean clothes or to put my camera in if it was a humid day and one for laundry.
25. Bring a microfiber towel. These are better when it comes to bacteria and they also dry faster.
26. Bring silk sheets/ silk sheet bag to sleep in. When you are backpacking you are traveling on a budget and you wanna make sure that you have something nice and clean to sleep in if you end up in a place that is not as clean as you pictured it. Silk also feels great on your skin when it’s hot.

27. Don’t forget raincoats for you backpacks! There is nothing worse then having your luggage wet after heavy rain. Be extra careful when it comes to electronics.
28. Sunglasses, cap and a flashlight are good to have!

If there is something I have forgotten about – Please share in the comments guys! Backpacking is the most amazing trip of your life and by preparing a little bit you are making the whole experience a lot better! Xx



The plan was to publish a “packing for backpacking” article on my blog, my almost dead blog, which I already have finished written but for some reason I cannot publish it. Not yet. It’s all in my mind. My mind stops me. I am currently sitting comfortable in bed in LA with a glass of wine, the cutest dog in the world by my side, posting on my Instagram and thinking and philosophizing about life. I’m lucky to be here, to breathe, to still be able to laugh, to walk, to be safe. Everything has been halfway lately, or less, but I’ve decided not to beat myself up over it because I know the reasons for it, I know how I have been fighting to survive, I know how lucky I am to be alive. I also know what is waiting and what is closer than ever. Something big, something bigger than I could ever imagine, something that was meant to be and I am ready to share and do whatever it is I am suppose to share and do in this life.

I feel a deep yearning to be me, unfiltered, 100%, honest, open, giving and putting my story, my heart and my lessons in life out there to everyone who wants to receive and learn from it. Motivating, inspiring, helping. I know what it means to feel hopeless, I know what suffering is, I know what physical and emotional pain is, I know what trauma does to the brain but I also know what love, healing and happiness does to the brain. I know how anger and bitterness feels. I know how it feels being so scared and traumatized that you feel you are taking your absolute last breath. I know how to lift myself up from the bottom because I  had to do it so many times, and this is something I wanna share with the world. I also know how to help and this time I needed help myself as well. I was so low, that there was no way I could do it on my own. Life is not easy. Life actually sucks (!) badly sometimes. If life can be just a little bit easier, a little bit more joyful. If more people can see the reasons to continue, see what they are capable of, see how lucky we all are in some way or another, learn appreciation of themselves and see the light in the end of the tunnel – That’s more than amazing. That’s beautiful. That’s something to work hard for.
To do what I need to do, I need to be me.

It’s scary, it’s different, it’s completely out of my comfort zone. But this is the only way I can continue. There’s no mask for me to put on anymore, I don’t want to and I can’t if I wanted to. With this I say goodbye to my mask, my insecurities, my fears, my traumas, my past – I am gonna spread the love, the lessons, my story and I am going to show the world all of the beauty, love and strength that is inside everyone of us – Because I can, because I care. I care about it all and that will never be taken away. Wait for it. I feel it coming. Xx


Back in the City of Angels

IMG_4533 copyIMG_4623 copy

I can’t believe I’m back – again. This if my fourth time traveling to LA. I’m a fighter and even if this city knocked me down hard and fast a couple of times too much, I’m not quitting traveling and coming back. LA will always be my favorite city. I don’t even know exactly why. From the first time I walked along Santa Monica beach, looked at the Pier and the ferris wheel, tears came streaming down my eyes and cheeks, I got chills and I thought to myself “This is my city!”. Actually, I screamed it out loud. Of all the places I’ve been in the world so far LA is a winner and there’s no apparent reason for it. There are places I’ve been that is truly like paradise with the most beautiful ocean you could ever imagine and a wildlife only seen in my dreams before, there are places I’ve been that are so much more cleaner and safer, there are places I’ve been that are much cheaper and more luxurious, there are cities that are exciting, big and full of adventures, but nothing and nowhere beats LA in my heart.

I will tell you guys more about the city in my heart and what to do ( and not to do! ) here. I will tell you how to travel as cheap as possible to the city who has it all – The beaches, the weather, the clubs, the parties, the celebrities, the history and the opportunities.
LA is a city you never forget.

IMG_4570 copy

Jeg kan ikke tro jeg er tilbake her – igjen. Dette er min fjerde gang, jeg kjemper alltid og selv om denne byen slo meg hardt ned et par ganger for mye slutter jeg ikke å reise hit og å komme tilbake. LA kommer alltid til å være min favoritt by. Jeg vet ikke engang helt hvorfor det er slik. Fra første gangen jeg gikk langs Santa Monica beach, kikket på piren og det berømte pariserhjulet kom tårene rennende, jeg fikk frysninger og tenkte “Dette er min by!”. Faktisk så skrek jeg det høyt. Av alle steder jeg har vørt så langt er LA vinneren for meg og det er egentlig ingen åpenbar grunn for det. Det er steder jeg har vært som virkelig er paradis på jord med knallblått hav og et dyreliv jeg bare har drømt om, det er steder jeg har vært som er mye renere og tryggere, det er steder jeg har vært som er rimeligere og mer luksuriøst, det er byer jeg har vært i som er spennende og store men ingenting eller ingen steder slår LA i mitt hjerte.

Jeg skal fortelle dere mye mer om byen i mitt hjerte, hva som er gøy og et must å gjøre her ( og hva som ikke bør gjøres! ). Jeg skal fortelle dere hvordan dere kan reise så billig som mulig til byen som har alt – Strendene, været og temperaturen, klubbene, festene, kjendisene, historien og mulighetene.
LA er en by man ikke glemmer.


Oslo, Copenhagen, Barcelona



Norway, Denmark, Spain – Thank you for now. I’ve taken a little stop by a few beautiful countries before heading back to My favorite City of Angels. It’s getting warmer and warmer in LA, the days are longer, the California sun feels good on my skin. I need the sun in my face and I am not very good at loving the Norwegian winters. After my round the world trip I met some people here in LA that I wanted to come back to see as soon as possible. I guess when you travel the world you can’t avoid it, and I have to say that I really did meet tons of wonderful, fun and amazing people but I didn’t know that someone who shows up out of nowhere would make such an impact on me. Life feels great, and I am ready for whatever challenges coming my way this year. I have had too many heavy, dark and scary ones last year – This year I’m ready for the good scary feeling, the out of my comfort zone challenges. Just by traveling around and spending time in different countries and cities you get to challenge yourself as you experience and learn different cultures, meet new people and learn other ways of life. I find it highly interesting and extremely giving. That is my absolute favorite thing about traveling. New experiences, new people, new places, new cultures and last but not least – freedom.

Norge, Danmark, Spania – Takk for nå. Jeg tok en tur innom et par av Europas vakre land før jeg satte snuten tilbake til min favorittby i verden, Los Angeles. Det blir bare varmere og varmere for hver dag som går i LA, dagene er lengre og solen i California er upåklagelig. Jeg er et menneske som må ha sol daglig og jeg må være ærlig nok til å si at jeg aldri har taklet norske vintre særlig godt. Etter reisen min jorden rundt møtte jeg noen mennesker her i LA jeg bare måtte dra tilbake for å se så fort som mulig. Når du reiser rundt på den måten kan du ikke unngå dette og jeg må innrømme at jeg virkelig har møtt tonnevis av fantastiske mennesker og hatt det mer morro enn noensinne tidligere, men jeg ante ikke at noen som dukker opp helt ut av det blå skulle gjøre et så enormt inntrykk på meg. Livet føles fantastisk og jeg er klar for alle utfordringer som kommer dette året. Forrige år ble det litt for mange tunge, mørke og skremmende utfordringer – I år er jeg klar for å ut av komfortsonen og ta imot gode utfordringer. Bare det å reise rundt og bruke mye av tiden min i forskjellige land og byer er en fantastisk måte å utfordre seg selv på og å vokse. Andre kulturer, nye mennesker og forskjellige måter å leve på. Jeg elsker det, det er noe som opptar meg ekstremt mye og det er svært givende. Det må nesten være min favoritt ting når det kommer til å reiser. Nye opplevelser, mennesker, nye steder, kulturer og sist men ikke minst – frihet.