Real unicorns are to be found in the city of angels

What do I have on my mind today? Everything, nothing, and all in between. I’m currently using beautiful, colorful golden unicorn cards (physical cards, yes) to guide me in my life – Which somehow is extremely funny and crazy to me, but also makes total sense.
I mean, how would you feel if I asked you “Do you want me to give you a unicorn card reading for free?” Doesn’t sound too bad, right? You gotta believe in unicorns as they are real. At least in my world.

Myself as a person both love and hate with all my heart and soul, but (!) love always somewhat conquers everything. Everything. I am angry and crazy as hell, but my madness doesn’t last – Not at all. All it takes is one smile, a photo of a cat, a run in the sun, a hug, a drink or french fries with some ranch to change it all around again. Why? Life always gives me so much to be happy and grateful about so why on earth would I use so insanely much energy on the opposite, when all it actually does is drain me? No. I’m too good for that – I’m too happy for that.
I also keep on realizing that as you let yourself be exactly who you are, open your soul and are getting closer to your actual soul’s purpose in this life – The more crazy it gets but who’s to say crazy is not good? If you really wanna face the shadow side of yourself, change your life and find who you truly are – You need to travel and you need to put Los Angeles on the list as one of the cities you visit.

I believe in real, I believe in good, I believe that love can heal everything and anything, I believe that we all have a purpose here, I believe that the plants can feel, I believe that everyone is equal, I believe that you attract what you focus on, intentional or not – It happens. Just think about it.

After traveling to LA this summer I have so far attracted a variation of everything as this is exactly where I am finding myself at this time in my life:
Happiness, good people, bad people, physical pain, blood with a tiny hospital visit who ended up destroying my little finger, dancing all night, fighting all day, loving like a mad man from morning til the next morning, hate like the devil, fear like a deer caught in headlights, shame like a scared kid who has done something really bad, pride as the Leo I am, anger, beauty, money gone, money back, tears of laughter, tears of pain – Everything from A to Z.
And guess what? I absolutely love the path I’m on – I absolutely love my life.

My unicorn cards are telling me:
Very soon“, “Finish what you started“, “Love“, “Believe“, “Continue” and so I will. I know what lies ahead and I know my own intuition. I listen to the all mighty unicorns, the angels, the universe and I fully accept and love my own weirdness. Probably for the first time ever.

Tonight it’s ladies night, guess who’s gonna shake it off? YES! This Norwegian weird unicorn right here! Love you guys! Thanks for reading what comes to my mind – I can never promise it be interesting, but I sure can promise it being real!



How to make the most out of every single day in your life

Every day will never be 100% the same, this day today is a day you will never get back again.
Think a little bit about that. All the moments, all the smells, all the taste, all the feelings. This day today.

Check out “10 ways to find and maintain true happiness!”

What kind of life do you want?

Do you prefer to feel happiness, to grow, be compassionate, give kindness and love (?) OR being angry, judgemental, sad, depressed and filled with fear? We can’t only choose one “side” as life always will throw a little bit of both to us, but we can choose what to have the most of, where to put our attention and what to nurture and work on.

1. No matter how you feel when you wake up in the morning – Do something to make sure you change your mood if you wake up in a non happy place, or something to keep the good mood if that’s how you wake up. There can be several reasons for you waking up unhappy. Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

*Do you like your job?
*Are you in a happy relationship, or are you happy being single?
*Do you get enough sleep?
*Do you make sure you get all the vitamins and nutrients you need to feel rested and full of energy?
*Do you exercise and make sure your health is good?
*Is there something you keep doing that puts you in a bad place in your mind?
*Are you able to let go of past hurt and pain, or are you working on it?

There is always something to work on, and it’s important to be honest with yourself. What personal issues are you struggling with or working on, and what should you work on? Be true to you. What do you need?

2. Get a little bit of exercise every day. It does not have to be a big, long workout but at least go for a 30-45 minute walk, a quick run in the morning or anything else to move your body and get some fresh air.

3. Start the day with a healthy breakfast. It literally changes my whole mood, mindset, energy and the way my body feels through out the day.

4. Surround yourself with people that make you feel good. If you have to surround yourself with people that are not your preferred circle, say for example when working, try to put up a imaginary wall and think of it as something different, a job, be professional and brush it off you when you are done working.

5. Give thanks every day for something. It can be anything from the fact that the sun is shining or the that the flowers are blooming, to you loving your coffee in the morning, being happy about buying a new pair of shoes or caring about someone you love. Focus on the good as much as possible, as often as possible.

6. Allow your own emotions to be and excist, but don’t let negative emotions get stuck in or with you. By allowing yourself to feel what you actually feel and be who you are, you will feel more justice and happiness. You have the right to be angry about something that upsets you, as well as you have the right to cry if you are sad. You also have the right to feel happiness and not let anyone destroy that feeling for you.

7. Give love and caring to others. By giving love and doing good you automatically get it right back. The more you do this, the more happy you will become.

8. Listen to happy music. Don’t fall into the trap of listening to sad music when you are upset, it’s only going to make it worse.

9. Stand up for your own rights and what you believe in. Make sure you don’t let people walk all over you as this will destroy your mood and self confidence. You are important, just as everyone else. Be kind and gentle to yourself, be caring to yourself. Treat yourself the way you would want to treat yourself when you were a kid.

10. Finish every day day in a positive way, no matter how bad of a day you have had. Clear your mind from all the negative stuff that has happened during the day and find something that makes you happy and excited for a new day to start. If it’s watching your favorite tv show in the evening, do it. If it’s playing with your dog, do it. If it’s enjoying a nice meal with a friend, do it. If it’s meditating, do it. Remember to do this – Every day.

Remember that every single, small step towards being true to you (!) and figuring out what you want in this life is a step in the right direction. It doesn’t all have to happen over night, just keep on going and don’t give up!


Perfect eyebrows on 1-2-3 with Just Dylan

As many of you guys may know, I’m a huge makeup fan and as a world traveler I have to find the easiest, fastest and best ways to do my makeup on the go, either if I’m on a sailboat for several days in Australia, surfing in Bali, hiking in Los Angeles or swimming in the caves of gorgeous paradise Islands on Fiji.

What is the most important part of makeup for me? It is and has always been eyebrows.

Click HERE and check out my full tutorial on how to get your eyebrows perfectly done!

So – Let’s talk eyebrows guys! I have finally found probably one of the best eyebrow brands there is out there. The brand is called “Just Dylan” and is created by the amazing “eyebrow expert” that runs Norway’s first eyebrow studio called “Dylan Studio” in Oslo. I have visited his beautiful studio, got my eyebrows done by Dylan himself and was lucky enough to try his products for some time while traveling and on the go. My eyebrows has never looked better or more natural. There has not been one brand earlier that has made my eyebrows stay in place the same way as Just Dylan during a long day of exploring, traveling and let’s be honest – sweating in the hot sun all around the world.

Today I’m gonna show you how easy and quick you can set your eyebrows perfectly and lasting on the go with Just Dylan London!

Click HERE and check out my full tutorial on how to get your eyebrows perfectly done!
Trust me – You would want to check out this brand if you are as crazy about makeup as I am.



Bring color to the world!

Hair, hair and more hair! A BIG thank you to Duo frisører and malinwinterkjeer_duofrisorer as they saved what was left to save of my hair after traveling for months in the hot sun without doing anything. No haircuts, no coloring, no hair masks – Nothing. I was lucky to even have shampoo in the middle of the jungle. When I was in Norway recently I couldn’t believe my eyes when I acrually realized what all this weather and sun had done to my hair.
Luckily I got help from the best.

My hair has now been cut twice, colored, highlighted and looks so amazing all over again! I’m excited and happy to be back in LA, and I’m  excited that my hair could be saved so I didn’t have to shave it all off – haha! I literally didn’t think it could be saved!

LA is gorgeous these days and I’m enjoying every single second! I’m even so lucky that apparently this seems to be the “Norwegian” week as there are so many Norwegians on vacation here right now. People that I have hangout with once or twice and people that I haven’t even met before.

Tomorrow I’m heading to Venice and Runyon Canyon! Hopefully I will get some more good photos as well! Are you guys excited for summer? Anyone else there who has traveling plans for the summer? Xx


Scandic Vulkan Blogger’s Inn – Los Angeles Next!

Wow! I cannot believe Scandic Vulkan actually has their own “Blogger’s Inn” room at their Hotel in Maridalsveien, Oslo. I have been so excited about staying here as I have never been at this exact hotel before. The interior is unique, cozy and different. I love the details, the staff are nice, sweet and funny and I adore my own little Blogger’s room with an amazing view over Oslo and the greatest big bed. It actually makes me a little emotional as I have been traveling so much and for me staying in Norway in such a sweet place means a lot to me. A lot.

It also makes me even more proud about being a blogger for several years, for being an Influencer and for being an entrepreneur and I am so excited about getting on the go again, traveling, loving, writing, shooting photos! Imaging that Norway has so many incredible Influencers that Scandic decided to create their own Blogger’s room. Pretty cool, huh? Very soon I will be heading from Norway to Los Angeles and Las Vegas after being in my home country for a month.

Norway has been more gorgeous than ever lately but so has every single part of the world, the people and everything that is surrounding us, in my eyes. I am so grateful and can’t wait to get on that flight, being on the move again after celebrating Norway’s constitutional day on May Fantastic day with a lot of tears! Thank you so much Scandic Vulkan for this gorgeous room and for being a part of making my coming back home a lot (!) better than I could imagine it would ever be!
Next – LA! I’ll talk to you guys from there and remember to check out my Instagram @jeanettewalayat


10 ways to find and maintain TRUE happiness!

If there is something we all search for our whole life, it is true, real happiness.
But what is really true happiness, and how do you know that you have it? How do you even know that you are on the right path of finding it? Today I am going to give some of my personal, best tips on achieving and maintaining true happiness. In some ways it’s easy, in other ways it’s hard.
What you first have to do is decide that YOU are going to be happy, that YOU deserve it and that’s why you are reading this.

1. Believe in and feel that you actually deserve it. Because you do.

This is absolutely crucial for achieving true happiness because if you don’t even feel like and believe that you deserve it – How is it ever going to happen? You may be fooling yourself as well as it’s pretty easy to say “Of course I deserve it! ” But do you REALLY feel it? This has taken me many many years to believe in and feel truly 100% and even if I’m there now, it does not mean that I don’t have to work on this every single day. There are so many things that happen in our life that so easy puts us down, but we have to choose to love ourselves, to be good to ourselves and teach ourselves that we do deserve to be happy. It’s also important to not (!) feel selfish about this and to actually understand that taking care of you is the opposite of being selfish. The better you feel about yourself and your life, the better person you become, the less you feel jealousy, the less you feel like you have to compete, the less you care about what other thinks, and the less you are caged. You become free.

2. Follow your heart and intuition more, not only your mind or routines. Train yourself to do this.

This is very important on your way to happiness. These days we follow society rules, we wake up, go to work and do all the stuff we are told we are “suppose” to do and be, but what do you actually feel about it? What do you feel about your life and the way you are living it? Of course not everybody has the luxury of doing whatever they want every single day, but by training your intuition, gut feeling and listening to your heart, the more steps you will be able to take towards what will make you really, truly happy – What kind of work you actually feel good about doing, where you really want to live, what kind of relationship you really want to have and how you want to live your life. Nothing is wrong, as long as you are not breaking the law or hurting others. Learn to listen to yourself, there is a reason you have the mechanism inside and you deserve to be you, and follow your heart and desires.

3. Take care of your health and body. Your body is your temple.

This is extremely important in finding true happiness. This does not mean that you have to live, eat or workout in a certain kind of way – This means that you should live, eat and workout the way YOU feel good about. If you hate spinning classes, you shouldn’t take them. If you hate eating tuna, don’t eat it but also remember that sometimes on the way to achieving the good health and the balance you want in your life, body and mind you may have to push yourself a little bit, be open to try new things and don’t give up the first second something is hard. It does not take that long to create a routine and trust me – I understand how it is to hate working out, I understand how it feels like when you are giving up more of the junk food and sugar, but also trust me when I say that today I have found the perfect balance for me – I workout when I want to, I eat what I want and I live how I want. If I want chocolate you can be sure I am gonna allow myself to eat it, but it doesn’t mean I am going to get the biggest chocolate bar in the store. It’s all about finding a healthy balance for you and by giving a little effort, you can do it.

4. Learn about toxic people, toxic situations and how to avoid and get rid of it.

Toxic people is everywhere and so is toxic situations. Sometimes the way we grew up and our past experiences creates something inside of us that keep on drawing us towards these people and situations. Sometimes the toxic person may even be yourself. It is very important on your way to true happiness to learn, understand and avoid the toxic in life as much as possible. As for me, my personal struggle has been when it comes to toxic relationships. This is something that has followed me as long as I can remember and it wasn’t until I experienced and met two extremely toxic people over a period of time, that I myself had to understand I attracted them to me and I stayed even if it got me me in very dangerous situations over and over. After I experienced a big trauma I reached a point where it was so bad that I did not know what to do. I didn’t know how it was going to happen but I never gave up on my happiness and joy over all the other good things in life. I prayed for help and I was saved. If you need professional help to learn more about yourself for you to grow, get it. Whatever you think can help, try it. Remember to be aware of you feel around certain people, how they affect you, how you let yourself be treated in different situations with different people, and how you respond to it. Surround yourself with people that make you feel good, that gives something back and that doesn’t drain you and your energy. It is absolutely possible to do this but you have to put in the work and you have to really want to be happy. You are important enough and you deserve it.

5. Follow your passion, dreams and desires.

It’s so easy to get scared away from following your true passion, dream and desires but who is scaring you? It’s probably yourself, maybe it’s people around you who doesn’t believe in you, maybe it’s your boss, maybe it’s the society. I always ask myself “Do I really want to be the person who one day thinks WHAT IF?“. No. I absolutely do not and so I have decided not to be that person. I would rather regret something I tried, screw up several times, get back up on my feet and achieve what true happiness, success and love is for me. Everyone is different and everybody has different dreams, passions and desires. What yours are is only for you to know, the question is – Are you going to follow them in this life? This is your life, your time, make a decision.

6. Break out of your comfort zone.

Breaking out of your comfort zone can be very hard, especially for some people. We all have that one person we truly look up to with stars in our eyes, but what if you could do and be exactly what you look the most up to? I absolutely love the quote “Life starts at the end of your comfort zone” because it’s true. Every single day I have to work on getting myself out of my comfort zone and I promise you guys – I am absolutely terrified. Sometimes I’m so scared I can’t do it, but I will never give up. Some people call me brave and I can’t help but laugh, but what I have realized the last year of my life is that of course some people are going to call me brave because we are all scared of different things in life. Some are scared of opening their hearts, some are scared of trying something new when it comes to work related, some are scared of going on a plane. It’s all about following what YOU want to achieve in this life and little by little (or go BIG and do all at once if you can ) break out of the comfortable comfort zone. You are going to be happier and become the person you really are deep inside.

7. Work on being independent and on letting go when the time is right to let something or someone go.

Being independent feels good. Being independent makes you strong, brave and keeps you grounded. By being dependent on another person whether it’s emotional, financial or something else, will always keep a little bit (or a lot) of a strain on you. You are absolutely capable of doing whatever you want to do on your own, you do absolutely not need another person’s love. Love is suppose to feel good, equal and you are suppose to feel free, even when being in a relationship. Ask yourself questions like “Would I be comfortable eating at a nice restaurant by myself?” and “Do I like spending time alone, only with me?” If you don’t, try to work on figuring out why and go on from there. When you feel good in your own company, you will not only feel even better in other people’s company, you will also help other people feel good about themselves. It’s all a feel good thing and you are able to do it.

8. Get fresh air and be close to our beautiful earth as much as you can.

By getting fresh air, being near clear water, trees, sand and the nature , something happens inside of you – You become happier. This does not have to take much time and effort. There is a reason I personally love to workout and run outside. I love the beach. I love the woods. I love nature. I have to feel the air on my skin, the sun in my face, the rain in my hair. Get out there as much as you can!

9. Be kind to people, animals and the world.

By being kind and give from your heart, you get the same back. It feels good and it is suppose to feel good. People that are jealous, mean, cruel and evil are not (!) truly happy. By being happy, you don’t have any need to do anything of this. We should all take care of each other as we are all one (remember this) and by doing this from your heart is going to make your life so much better. Give out what you want to feel and receive yourself, and always ask yourself if you are doing something good in this world. There’s always something you can do.

10. Focus on the good in as many situations as possible and in your everyday life.

Having a positive mindset is not always easy, but it is possible. This doesn’t mean that there will not be situations where you feel completely hopeless. devastated, broken or sad. This is life and life is not perfect, but you still have some control over it, you still have some control of YOU and you still have the right to choose in any kind of situation. Allow yourself to feel sad, disappointed or angry – It’s all natural, it’s all normal and it’s all ok, but don’t forget at the same time work on not dwelling at issues or the past, work on not getting upset at stuff that is absolutely not worth it, work on crying it out, get it out and then put it behind you. This is something you are able to train yourself getting better at, and this is worth working on if you want to make the most out of your life as possible. Honestly – Why shouldn’t you? No matter what anybody has told you before, no matter how you have felt before, no matter what experiences you have in the past – It’s up to you now. You are the master of your life, you are the master of your mind, you are in control – Choose happiness!



LA first time Travel Guide

Here we go guys! I know that this is something you’ve asked for a long time. This travel guide is the first time easy travel guide when you are in LA. I would recommend no less time than a week or two as this city has everything to offer The first time I traveled to LA I had 14 days, which was enough to do every single thing I wanted to do the first time, as I also wanted to make a quick couple of days in Las Vegas, Nevada. (It’s worth it, but you won’t need more than two nights in Vegas)

1. Santa Monica Beach & Pier

Even though Santa Monica and Venice Beach are the two most crowded and popular beaches, LA has a lot of absolutely gorgeous beaches to see. I have not seen all there is to see yet and I am a true beach lover as I grew up close to some of the most gorgeous beaches in Norway.  With that said I would still highly recommend to first visit these beaches before thinking about the others as Santa Monica and Venice beach especially is a must see and do when you travel to The City of Angels. This is where I experienced my first LA sunset, had my first American burger and I completely fell in love at first sight.

2. Beverly Hills

My first time in Beverly Hills was with a tour bus called RastaBus which was highly entertaining. Our tour guide was extremely funny but I was not to happy about the amount of time we got in each of the places we were visitng. I was amazed at all the beautiful streets, stores, the trees (haha!) and the people in Beverly Hills. Take a trip to Rodeo Drive, remember to take your picture in front of the Beverly Hills sign in Beverly Gardens Park and please do go for a drive on gorgeous Mulholland Drive!

3. Venice Beach & Venice

Venice – wow! I absolutely adore Venice. It is so exciting and fun. Everywhere you go and turn your head something is happening and the photos you can shoot in Venice are insanely cool. Be creative and have fun! Remember to visit the Venice Canal, don’t get caught into all the tourist traps along The Venice Boardwalk (Been there, done that) and stop by Muscle Beach as well! If you have a little extra time, go take a walk at Abbot Kinney Boulevard!

4. Downtown LA

I have not spent enough time in DTLA but after driving through, seeing all the cool buildings and attending a fun event at OUE Skyspace ( This is where the glass slide from the top of the building is if you like a little bit of adrenaline and a extremely good view ) I am going to explore Downtown more when I’m going to LA in the end of May.

5. The Walk of Fame / Hollywood

The Walk of Fame was everything I didn’t expect. The first time there I only had 10 minutes to check it out before my tour bus was leaving so I was running like crazy just to get a look at as much as possible in the short time I had. This is not recommended if you are a stressed person in general, but taking a tour bus to see some of the “must see” in LA is worth it as you get to experience so much in just one day. Especially if you don’t have too much time in the city. I will not say too much about The Walk of Fame other than of course you have to see it while you are in LA the first time. Don’t get scared about all the people dressed up as Spiderman, Edward scissorhands, Jack Sparrow, Elsa, and other fictional characters. (Yes, I’m easily scared. It’s not my fault I grew up in a city with 1300 people) It’s a part of the experience. Remember to check out The Chinese Theatre, The Dolby Theatre where the Oscar’s are held, El Capitan and Hollywood and Highland Center.

6. Universal Studios & Universal CityWalk / Disneyland / California Adventure Park.

I did both Universal Studios and Disneyland my first time in Los Angeles and I don’t regret it for a second. I have not yet visited California Adventure Park which is also a part of Disney but is more focused on rides and are probably better for the more grown up audience. The Disneyland Park is the original, and is of course the small children’s favorite place – And mine. Every since I was a little girl I dreamt about visiting Disneyland, so I’m sure you can understand my excitement over being there, even if I’m suppose to be an adult now.

7. Griffith Observatory / The Hollywood sign

At the Griffith Observatory you get the absolute most stunning view over Los Angeles City which brings tears to my eyes every single time. I have been there several times, both by tour bus, cars and by hiking up to the top. This is a must see and do in Los Angeles. Here you also get a pretty good view of The Hollywood sign!

8. Clubbing in West Hollywood

My first clubbing experience in Los Angeles was more than fun and we actually went out on a Monday night (!) Still, it was so much fun and so much happening compared to Norway and I had the time of my life. LA is crowded with all types of people which is one of the things I love most about the city.  You absolutely have to take a night out to West Hollywood and check out the clubs! Remember to bring cash to dinners and clubs to tip servers and bartenders.

9. Runyon Canyon Park

If you like to go hiking, good views and nature you absolutely have to go hike Runyon Canyon. To be honest it took me quite a while before I did it but now it’s done and I can’t wait to do it again when I’m going to Los Angeles with a group of friends and my sisters in the end of this month!

10. It’s totally up to you! Make plans but be open!
You simply have to enjoy Los Angeles when you are on vacation there. I always believe it’s a good idea to plan things out a little bit ahead, but not to follow such a schedule that you take away all the fun out of it. Sometimes the best memories are created by being a little impulsive and in a city like Los Angeles you never know what to expect, see and who you are going to meet.

Are you ready to check out the City of Angels? I can’t wait to show my friends one of the cities I love the most! Xx


Addnature – Villmark, natur og livet på sitt beste!

Jeg trer på meg de lekreste workout leggings noensinne, skviser brystet inn i den flotte treningstoppen og fyller den store vannflasken. Alt fra addnature og alt i den perfekte tid –
Når jeg nå er sterkere enn noensinne fra innsiden ut.
Når jeg nå er klar for å ta fatt på de største positive utfordringer livet tilbyr.
Når livet smiler større enn jeg trodde var mulig.
Når jeg står på toppen og kikker utover en av de råeste byer på jord – Los Angeles City.

Jeg kunne ikke bedd om dette tidligere, og heller ikke senere for ikke har jeg vært klar mentalt og fysisk.
Det å ha gått fra himmel til h******, frem og tilbake og opp og ned de siste 8 måneder har forandret meg totalt, men kun til det bedre.

I Los Angeles er det hundrevis av steder å hike, løpe og trene utendørs. Været er upåklagelig og hvor utfordrende du vil ha det er helt opp til deg selv. Jeg klager ikke idet jeg løper opp Runyon Canyon forbi små gekkoer og ser utover den fantastiske storbyen i California på toppen.

Jeg er så stolt, stolt av meg selv, av verden vår, av mennesker og av livet. Jeg er stolt av å få gjøre dette samarbeidet med addnature som fokuserer på det vi ikke kan få nok av – Villmarksliv, uteliv, helse, morro og utfordringer. Det å utfordre seg selv fysisk og psykisk er viktig. Det å ta vare på seg selv og kroppen er viktig og det å gjøre det på den rette, sunne måten er enda mer viktig.
Hos Addnature finner du alt fra trening og utelivsklær, klatretstyr og campingutstyr til utendørskameraer og padleutstyr.

Som dere sikkert vet har jeg kjempet noen kamper hva angår den fysiske helsen med tanke på at jeg har vært både overvektig, svært slank og nå et sted midt imellom, nå sterkere enn noensinne. Hvis jeg ikke er sterk, hvis jeg ikke beveger meg, føler jeg meg ikke som meg selv. Jeg er mer glad i å være utendørs og i friluftsliv enn jeg har latt meg selv kjenne på når jeg har vært i Norge. Jeg bryr meg mye mer om hvordan jeg føler meg enn hvordan jeg ser ut. Etter at jeg begynte å reise og utfordre meg selv på andre måter har den delen av meg virkelig kommet til rette og FY SØREN så fantastisk det føles (!)

Det ligger virkelig mye (!) i det faktum at man ikke vet hvor sterk man er før man har vært på bunn. Jeg er takknemlig, ydmyk og bøyer meg i støvet for alt jeg har opplevd, lært og lærer i dette øyeblikk. Jeg kan ikke annet enn å smile.

Livet er så nydelig og verden er så vakker. Vi bør tilbringe mer tid utendørs, enten det er i Norge, andre steder i Europa, USA, Asia eller andre steder i vår vakre verden. Det er alltid noe å se, gjøre og å være takknemlig for.
Vinden, luften, trærne, sanden, vannet, solen, snøen, naturen. Alt er der for oss og for deg. Nyt det!

Det er deilig å være i rutiner igjen.
Opp tidlig, ut å løpe, løfte vekter, stikke innom treningssenteret når jeg har lyst, gå lange turer hvor enn jeg er, svømme, ut å danse på kvelden, spise god mat, nyte og leve livet til det fulle.
Husker du på å nyte? Hvordan griper du fatt på våren?

Jeg føler meg sterkere enn noensinne og takker addnature for å gi meg en ekstra boost!! Hva er din favoritt aktivitet utendørs, hva slags trening liker du og hva er dine planer denne våren og sommeren? Del gjerne i kommentarfeltet dere og ikke glem å ta en titt hos addnature mens du er i gang!!