Acceptance – The Start of a New Beginning


Acceptance is coming to a point and place within oneself where you understand that whatever situation, phase, pain, grief, life situation or challenge you are in at this point in your life is in fact happening, this is how life is here and now and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. The only choice you now have left is acceptance.
Does it feel unfair? Of course
But is acceptance a good thing? Yes
It is the only way of being able to truly move forward and not be stuck forever in covered up pain, regret and anger.

Fighting it, denying, bargaining to change something that can’t be changed, or letting anger get the best of you are all masks covering up the crucial pain inside your heart. Sometimes the pain is so deep, so real, seemingly endless and so deeply buried that it is a complicated and long process coming to acceptance. The process often exists of all those emotions combined, and anger is a natural one. Anger however does not benefit you in long term, but sometimes it’s a necessary part of the process and that’s perfectly fine. The process itself will not be running smoothly, there will be better days, horrible days, good days and when you finally feel you have healed, you might have set backs again.
And that’s ok too, as long as you keep on moving forward and don’t let yourself get stuck in the pain.

By accepting and letting the pain exist within, letting it evolve in the natural way it does and letting it out, you will at one point finally heal. You will become free.
You will smile, laugh and be happy again.
Grief comes in many ways, and grieving is very personal. In whatever way you grieve is your way and your right, whatever time it takes, whatever you decide to do in the process is entirely yours to keep. Do not let anything or anybody take that away from you.
However, it’s important to keep an open heart, ears and eyes for the people close to you, who only want the best for you.  Always accept advice from people who truly cares for you, but ultimately make decisions yourself.
Grief can be such a hard process that we often get lost in it. Sometimes we get blinded by it. Sometimes we can’t face or see reality. Sometimes we don’t even make it. Some people never come to acceptance.
Acceptance is a step towards happiness.
Acceptance is a step towards clarity.
Acceptance is freedom

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