This can change your life

You become stronger by facing and overcoming obstacles

You become stronger by pushing your limits
You become stronger by daring to face yourself and all of your emotions, in both the good and the bad
You become stronger by rising after falling
You become stronger by failing because that’s the only way you learn

Without obstacles, challenges, pain and changes in our lives – Growth simply doesn’t happen. Sure it’s comfortable staying ” comfortable and content” but it all comes down to this:
What do you truly want out of your life?

You are here right now, this second. You are breathing, feeling, thinking and living.
You can choose to live like a robot, as a zombie, closing your eyes, heart, mind and soul to your true desires, passion, life purpose and happiness or you can choose to live at the highest.
You can choose to believe that your inner dreams and desires actually can and will happen (!) because you are the one who has the power to make them happen, or you can give up.
You can choose to feel everything deep within you bones, which naturally will cause both great pain at times, but also the greatest happiness and blissful feelings one can ever imagine.

I will tell you this:

I promise that if you dare to completely surrender, open your heart, mind and soul to everything that’s surrounding you and are waiting for you, choosing to get out of that ridiculous comfort zone – Your life will become something you can’t possible imagine at this point. Everything around you changes, because everything inside you changes.
Every breath you take is bigger
Every sunset you see is more beautiful
Every tear you shed you feel deeper
Every laugh you get brings more joy
A life that is magnified is a life worth living

Life will give you struggles, pain and hurt, and sometimes it will seem like it’s impossible to get out of it, change it, or rise from it – But it’s not.
It’s 100% possible and you can do whatever you set your mind to.
It’s just another big (!) opportunity to do something different, learn something new, get past something painful that has been weighing you down.

If what you have been doing so far hasn’t led you to exactly where you want to be:
How can you change it? Which steps can you do in order to take control of your own life and do what needs to be done, for you?
Success, change and happiness doesn’t happen within a few weeks.
You need to be persistent, you need to keep going, you need to not give up even if you fall back at times, it’s ok. Nobody is perfect and only the people who dare to fail are the ones who eventually will succeed.
Who do you choose to be?

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