Yes. I am a Dreamer

There are days I look back at my life and I ask myself “Why do you always keep on dreaming Jeanette and where does it come from?” Ever since I was just a child, I’ve been a dreamer, a lover and a believer.

I believe even on the darkest nights, even when there’s no hope, when everything inside of me is falling apart and I can’t even feel my own heart or soul – I still believe.

I’ve always believed in the good and I’ve always been loving and big hearted. I have loved from within my heart and from my bones since I even started learning how to walk, or even how to feel anything. There’s always been this part of me that knows deep within that love is the answer.
When I say love is the answer, I don’t necessarily mean love between lovers.
Just love. That’s it.
Love for each other, one another, friends, family, strangers, animals, the planet, the trees, flowers, the earth.
Without it, what is there?
What is there left if you don’t have any love inside your heart and soul?
It is empty.
It’s not even pain. It’s just.
It’s a hole.

I will always believe,
I will always dream and I will always love

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