The Power Lies Within You

The moment you think you’ve learned it all – You have failed.
You are able to learn more, grow more and become bigger and better.
I’ve failed a lot lately and I’m facing a part of me I don’t want in me, but it’s ok, that’s how we grow and that’s how we fix it.

Nobody is perfect, but I know for sure in my heart that we can all transform by deciding to.  I almost lost faith in it, due to my own failures.

For being able to actual decide om something, you have to decide it for YOU.
The power is always within you, and every word you say, every action you perform and every step you take is forming something in your life.
If you don’t truly, and I mean truly, 100% want it for you, it might just not happen.
This can all be a process that takes time, a lot of effort and a fall on the face about a million times.

I’ve fallen hard lately, and I used to blame it on somebody else, I used to cry about it, I used to whine about it, I used to find some reason for why it happened to me – Which was never the cause of myself and my own actions.
It is the cause of yourself and your actions, it is the cause of myself and my actions.

You create your life, and you create the outcome of it. You are the cause of your life right here and now.
Tough pill to swallow? Yes, absolutely.
Is it true? Yes, absolutely.
Can you therefore create the life you want?
Yes, absolutely.
The power lies within you!
Don’t give up.


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