5 things to quit right now

1. Trying to please everyone
By trying to please everyone, you put yourself in a situation that is impossible. There is no way that you will ever please everyone, there is no way that every single person in this world is going to like you and who you are, never. If you can let these thoughts go and start focusing on yourself first, you have come a long way. It all starts with you. If you put this kind of pressure on yourself, you have set yourself up for failure, and you don’t want that, correct?
Who you should try to please the very first is yourself and your life. Next comes the people closest to you. Of course you want to see them happy and to help, just make sure you don’t forget yourself while doing so. This remains the same regarding work or anything you do in life. Remember – Balance, balance, balance.

2. Fearing change
Changes can be scary, and sometimes so scary you think you’ve made all the wrong decisions and you are about to give up. Stop. This is exactly where you don’t give up, you don’t fear the changes, you go with them and you open up to them. It’s so much easier to stay in a comfortable place, fearing changes and never take any risks, but remember that the greatest things in life comes from the biggest changes, and the biggest changes creates the biggest fears. Breathe, work on meditating, read books and try to calm yourself down when it all feels like it’s consuming you. You are stronger than you think and you can overcome any obstacle that comes your way.
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3. Living in the past
By living in the past you don’t allow yourself the future you desire so bad. Living in the past is easy, being angry at your past is easy, blaming the past is easy, blaming past failures is easy. The hard part is living in the moment and looking forward. The hard part is going against whatever your past tells you about yourself. Your past mistakes, people in your past, you childhood, your inner demons – Put them away for a second and learn to trust yourself. Every step in the right direction is a step in the right direction. Live your life. You are not in your past right now. You are here.

4. Putting yourself down
It’s easy to let our negative thoughts get the best of us, but you should always work as best as you can to not let them take control of you. You got this. Stop talking shit about yourself, it’s not going to help you move forward. Be kind to yourself, be your own best friend and on those days you just can’t stop putting yourself down – Stop anyway.

5. Overthinking
I am the biggest over thinker on the planet earth and I am 100% convinced about it. Every little thing in life I blow up to the biggest thing, every little obstacle is the biggest obstacle and every setback or failure is the end of life itself. I know that about myself and by knowing and being aware is when I am able to change it. This is something I am working on with myself every single day of my life, and that is also why I know so well how it feels and how challenging it is. I am not somebeody who tries to tell you to do something while I myself am “perfect”. No. I am just a human like you and I have the same struggles. I just want you to know this:

1. You can do this
2. You are strong
3. You are worthy
4. You can face anything that is coming and that is
5. You deserve it

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