How to successfully become and stay healthy

Today I want to share some thoughts about the balance of a healthy diet and a healthy life, without letting it go too far, and without giving up.
Of course the term “healthy” can be interpreted in so many ways so I would like to point out that for me personally, being healthy is a state of mind, body and soul that works in a balanced way together.
I strongly believe in working on all these aspects, for being able to achieve goals that will last, and not something that will last for a week, a month or 6 months.
You basically have to start from the inside and then go outwards.
Mind, body, soul.

1. Set your own personal goal

Don’t set your goal according to what somebody else is doing, what a magazine article has told you is right or wrong, how you or someone else look like, and not by what society tells you.
This is extremely important.
I don’t want you to measure yourself up to something that is not you. I don’t want you to put a image in your head that is wrong for you, and I don’t want you to think that if you don’t fit into anything of what you have pictured in your mind, that you can’t make it or that you can’t become healthy.
Work with yourself, and only yourself. Who are you, what do you want to achieve and why, why do you want to make this change for you, or do you even want to make it for you? Try to work on figuring out what YOU want, and make the goals from there and on.

2. Focus on the steps, little by little, it’s a process.
I also strongly believe in not putting the goals too high, because sometimes we just get so energized and hyped on a thought and goal, that we simply put it too high, or in a place it doesn’t belong in our world, or life.
Also here it is about finding that balance that is good for you, and taking it step by step, understanding that it is a process and understanding that during a process you are going to feel like you fail, many times. That this is just a part of it all. This is how you learn, grow and develop anything and everything. You are on your way!

3. Don’t give up just because you have given up before, or when things get hard.
It’s so easy for us to remember the past so well that we take our previous failures into our life at this moment. This is not how you change something, or achieve something. It doesn’t matter what has happened in the past, we are not in the past right now. It doesn’t matter if you fail once, twice or ten times, as long as you don’t stop. Don’t give up. The only way to actually fail, is to give up. I don’t want you to look at the small picture, I want you to look at the big picture and the long term picture.
If you skip your workouts two days, or even for a week – You haven’t failed as long as you don’t skip them forever
If you eat a big piece of a chocolate cake, when you decided you were not going to – You haven’t failed
If something happens in your life and you are not able to take on everything you said you should do, whether it be working out, work, appointments or anything – You haven’t failed
Everything is a process.
Life is a process.
Keep going.

4. Be kind to yourself on the way to your goal, celebrate yourself and your steps, stop putting yourself down, it is not going to make you better or put you where you want to be

This can be a really tough one, especially if you have high goals for yourself. I can personally relate to this one a lot over the last years in my life, and I feel like I’ve gone through the whole specter. It is so important to stop putting yourself down, and start being kind to yourself. Don’t forget who you are, and what you are worth. Even if you don’t feel it today, it is 100% true. You are a worthy human being and you deserve goodness, love, respect and happiness. Take care of yourself, sometimes the only person you have in your life is yourself, so what are you going to do if you don’t like being around you? Reward yourself, take some alone time, go to a spa, get a massage, eat a nice dinner alone, see a movie and laugh alone. Be good to you.

5. Have fun, fun fun!
What’s really the point of anything if you don’t know how to also have fun in any process? Let go once in a while, laugh till your belly hurts, love till your heart burst, eat a donut, sign up for a dance class! Don’t take anything too seriously, life is here right now and by accepting having fun, you also open up to more good in your life. You can have fun and at the same time workout and eat healthy 5 times a week or more, you can have fun and still work 13 hours a day, you can have fun and study, you can have fun when you are losing weight and you can have fun during your workouts.
By simply finding you! What do you like, and what do you not like? What makes you want to get up in the morning and seize the day and what makes you only want to stay in bed? What makes your heart filled with warmth and what makes you sad? Follow yourself on the way to a healthier lifestyle, and it will be so much easier. I promise you.

Are YOU ready?
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