YouTuber next!

Guys, guys, guys.
Wow – It took me forever huh? About 11 months to be 100% honest.
11 months from when I wanted to do Youtube till I’m actually starting it. I can blame all my travels, my little trip to the hospital which lead me to be how many months in such a weird place in my body and mind, my head, my confusion, my childish behavior who gets sick of everything way too fast, my lazyness – But instead I’m just going to say..

Well done Jeanette!
Bring out the Champagne!

My birthday is over by the way, but not officially. I am going to have another celebration and it’s probably going to include everything from too much food to cake to drinks to fun, dancing and love – I’m ready! You can’t have too many birthday celebrations, right? At least not when you are a true Leo.
So, back to my Youtube.

For all you Norwegians out there, I want to say this: Yes, it’s probably going to be 90% in English and No, that’s not a problem. Come on guys! I already have people in Norway bugging me about this, don’t we learn English in school guys? Aren’t we lucky enough to have a school system at all? Aren’t we fortunate to learn English so early on? Can’t we show the world that Norwegians actually can speak better English then what we hear from Jens Stoltenberg, Petter Solberg and the people who works at NSB?

Let’s do this guys! Norwegians are good in English, because we should be!

I will let you guys know when it’s 100% up and running so till then – Practice your English! (So easy for me to say who basically have been speaking English for almost a whole year, with a little bit of drunk Norwegian in between)


  1. Christine K

    How exciting!
    Looking forward to seeing your videos:)

    Love from Norway

    1. Jeanette Walayat

      Ohh that makes me so happy!! Thank you so much and thank you for following!!! Tons of hugs and love!! 😀 <3

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