When do we ever really grow up?

July is already here, I’m gonna be one year older pretty soon and I am spending my birthday in Los Angeles this year. I’m not ready at all – but at the same time I kind of am.

I used to think I knew so much, it’s like when you turn 17, you think you are almost adult. You may even feel adult when you are 15. When you turn 23, you think for sure you are a very grown up adult, when you turn 25 you are starting to worry about not being adult enough and not having everything planned out and all the sudden you realize “Wait a minute!” The whole point is not having everything figured out at a certain time or at a certain age, the whole point is not having a child, being married and have a house by the age of 25 if this is not something that feels right for YOU in that moment.
I am turning 30 in two weeks and I am still looking for an adultier adult – Have you guys heard that saying?

“The horrifying moment when you’re looking for an adult but then you realize that you’re an adult. So, you look for an older adult, someone sucessfully adulting. An adultier adult

We are too busy trying to fit into something to realize that happiness comes from following your dreams, heart and desires and not from trying to impress anyone or anything.
Not society, not family, not your lover – You should only try to impress you, you should only compare yourself to you and you should only compete with yourself. I have needed to work so hard on this because as you guys know I am Norwegian – But I’m far from the “typical” Norwegian. I never felt that I fit in completely with what my friends had plans for in life, not when it came to job, not when it came to school, not when it came to relationships or anything I wanted to do with my life – Nothing. I was the opposite and it freaked me out. I dropped out of school early to work for myself instead, I started my own company and I fell on my face a million times – I still do, but I never keep fighting. I was told often that I was crazy, that I should do this or that – But I did not listen.

There were times I should have listened, and there were times I’m so happy this day that I did not listen. Only you can find your path, but you can for sure let the people that has your best interest in mind and that loves you, guide you on the way. Some of them will disappear on the way, some of them will stay in your life – And that’s ok. I have had to let go of so many people, so many things I was used to, so much – By doing that I was able to breathe for the first time, take one two or three steps back and look at my life in a different way. It absolutely opened my eyes and changed my life.

I think we grow up the moment we realize that we don’t really have to grow up – In the way we think we do. We are all learning and by keeping the childish fun, the joy of life, the energy and the happiness in your heart combined with growing up you can have a little bit of both.
Let’s be who we really are, let’s grow up, but let’s not (!) be afraid of letting the child inside of us out! Life is suppose to be fun, joyful, giving and energizing, life is suppose to be worth it. It’s suppose to be worth it all, and it will be.



  1. Älskar dina bilder på instagram och så glad att jag hittade din blogg 🙂 Så inspirerande och härlig <3

    1. Jeanette Walayat

      Tusen hjertelig takk kjære deg, det setter jeg virkelig pris på!! <3 Ha en nydelig dag!! <3 😀

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