Are you on the right or wrong path in your life?

I cannot believe that for some funny reason, the Universe played a little trick on me. Or maybe not a trick, more like a sign. And I know what the sign means. That’s the thing guys, when the Universe, God or whatever you believe in (nothing is right or wrong) gives you a sign – It’s up to you to understand and analyze what that means. Only you can know for sure, but always look out for the signs as these are showing you if you really are on the right or wrong path in your life.

I was driving around (to be honest, I don’t even drive. But I was in a car, someone else was driving, just to be clear) in Los Angeles looking for a place to shoot some photos for my Instagram a couple of days ago, where I accidentally saw this ring.

Of course I wanna shoot photos there!
It was not more than some hours later when I was editing that I realized that for exactly (!), and I mean exactly 1 year ago I was doing the same thing, but not in Los Angeles – In Norway. I was looking for a place to shoot some photos and all the sudden got my eyes set on a concrete ring close to the beautiful Oslo Opera House.

I posted that photo for my birthday last year – July 26, 2016. The day I took that photo I was absolutely heartbroken. I was so sad, I did not see any hope for the future, I did not see how my life was ever going to turn out good in any kind of way ever again ( Yes, I am very dramatic but I’m also very sensitive and emotional so when stuff hits me, if it’s something I really care about or love, it hits me so damn hard. I guess that’s because when I love and give – I really give it all and open completely up which is scary but at the same time, feels so good).

I did not have my apartment in Oslo anymore and stayed with a friend of mine for in Oslo those days, I did not have a lot of money, I did not have as many plans or work projects through my own company as I had been working to get – Except from the one plan that I knew I was going to leave Norway in August 2016 for a trip all around the world as a backpacker.
At some point I was actually a lot concerned about the trip. I went back and forth with the feeling of wanting to do it and not wanting to, I was scared about the money as I had not gotten as much work as I wanted, I was scared about the trip in general, and I was so extremely depressed – But I did it.

Who would have guessed that I was gonna be traveling for almost 8 months in amazing places like Thailand, Fiji, Australia, USA, Indonesia, who would have thought I was gonna feel real, true happiness and love and that I was gonna be given the life sparkle right back to me – Only bigger, better and stronger than ever before. I was also gonna experience more of true hell, before I got a piece of  heaven.

I’m so lucky, I’m so grateful and I KNOW that things DO get better. They do, they will – As long as you don’t give up and don’t stop loving and believing. No matter how badly you are hurt, or how fucked up your life seems at times – There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Life is not a dance on roses, life is not all unicorns (only a few) but life is incredible and you can learn so much if you open up and follow your heart, desires and dreams.
Do good, be good, receive good.
I love you guys.


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