Real unicorns are to be found in the city of angels

What do I have on my mind today? Everything, nothing, and all in between. I’m currently using beautiful, colorful golden unicorn cards (physical cards, yes) to guide me in my life – Which somehow is extremely funny and crazy to me, but also makes total sense.
I mean, how would you feel if I asked you “Do you want me to give you a unicorn card reading for free?” Doesn’t sound too bad, right? You gotta believe in unicorns as they are real. At least in my world.

Myself as a person both love and hate with all my heart and soul, but (!) love always somewhat conquers everything. Everything. I am angry and crazy as hell, but my madness doesn’t last – Not at all. All it takes is one smile, a photo of a cat, a run in the sun, a hug, a drink or french fries with some ranch to change it all around again. Why? Life always gives me so much to be happy and grateful about so why on earth would I use so insanely much energy on the opposite, when all it actually does is drain me? No. I’m too good for that – I’m too happy for that.
I also keep on realizing that as you let yourself be exactly who you are, open your soul and are getting closer to your actual soul’s purpose in this life – The more crazy it gets but who’s to say crazy is not good? If you really wanna face the shadow side of yourself, change your life and find who you truly are – You need to travel and you need to put Los Angeles on the list as one of the cities you visit.

I believe in real, I believe in good, I believe that love can heal everything and anything, I believe that we all have a purpose here, I believe that the plants can feel, I believe that everyone is equal, I believe that you attract what you focus on, intentional or not – It happens. Just think about it.

After traveling to LA this summer I have so far attracted a variation of everything as this is exactly where I am finding myself at this time in my life:
Happiness, good people, bad people, physical pain, blood with a tiny hospital visit who ended up destroying my little finger, dancing all night, fighting all day, loving like a mad man from morning til the next morning, hate like the devil, fear like a deer caught in headlights, shame like a scared kid who has done something really bad, pride as the Leo I am, anger, beauty, money gone, money back, tears of laughter, tears of pain – Everything from A to Z.
And guess what? I absolutely love the path I’m on – I absolutely love my life.

My unicorn cards are telling me:
Very soon“, “Finish what you started“, “Love“, “Believe“, “Continue” and so I will. I know what lies ahead and I know my own intuition. I listen to the all mighty unicorns, the angels, the universe and I fully accept and love my own weirdness. Probably for the first time ever.

Tonight it’s ladies night, guess who’s gonna shake it off? YES! This Norwegian weird unicorn right here! Love you guys! Thanks for reading what comes to my mind – I can never promise it be interesting, but I sure can promise it being real!


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