Bring color to the world!

Hair, hair and more hair! A BIG thank you to Duo frisører and malinwinterkjeer_duofrisorer as they saved what was left to save of my hair after traveling for months in the hot sun without doing anything. No haircuts, no coloring, no hair masks – Nothing. I was lucky to even have shampoo in the middle of the jungle. When I was in Norway recently I couldn’t believe my eyes when I acrually realized what all this weather and sun had done to my hair.
Luckily I got help from the best.

My hair has now been cut twice, colored, highlighted and looks so amazing all over again! I’m excited and happy to be back in LA, and I’m  excited that my hair could be saved so I didn’t have to shave it all off – haha! I literally didn’t think it could be saved!

LA is gorgeous these days and I’m enjoying every single second! I’m even so lucky that apparently this seems to be the “Norwegian” week as there are so many Norwegians on vacation here right now. People that I have hangout with once or twice and people that I haven’t even met before.

Tomorrow I’m heading to Venice and Runyon Canyon! Hopefully I will get some more good photos as well! Are you guys excited for summer? Anyone else there who has traveling plans for the summer? Xx

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