Scandic Vulkan Blogger’s Inn – Los Angeles Next!

Wow! I cannot believe Scandic Vulkan actually has their own “Blogger’s Inn” room at their Hotel in Maridalsveien, Oslo. I have been so excited about staying here as I have never been at this exact hotel before. The interior is unique, cozy and different. I love the details, the staff are nice, sweet and funny and I adore my own little Blogger’s room with an amazing view over Oslo and the greatest big bed. It actually makes me a little emotional as I have been traveling so much and for me staying in Norway in such a sweet place means a lot to me. A lot.

It also makes me even more proud about being a blogger for several years, for being an Influencer and for being an entrepreneur and I am so excited about getting on the go again, traveling, loving, writing, shooting photos! Imaging that Norway has so many incredible Influencers that Scandic decided to create their own Blogger’s room. Pretty cool, huh? Very soon I will be heading from Norway to Los Angeles and Las Vegas after being in my home country for a month.

Norway has been more gorgeous than ever lately but so has every single part of the world, the people and everything that is surrounding us, in my eyes. I am so grateful and can’t wait to get on that flight, being on the move again after celebrating Norway’s constitutional day on May Fantastic day with a lot of tears! Thank you so much Scandic Vulkan for this gorgeous room and for being a part of making my coming back home a lot (!) better than I could imagine it would ever be!
Next – LA! I’ll talk to you guys from there and remember to check out my Instagram @jeanettewalayat

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