LA first time Travel Guide

Here we go guys! I know that this is something you’ve asked for a long time. This travel guide is the first time easy travel guide when you are in LA. I would recommend no less time than a week or two as this city has everything to offer The first time I traveled to LA I had 14 days, which was enough to do every single thing I wanted to do the first time, as I also wanted to make a quick couple of days in Las Vegas, Nevada. (It’s worth it, but you won’t need more than two nights in Vegas)

1. Santa Monica Beach & Pier

Even though Santa Monica and Venice Beach are the two most crowded and popular beaches, LA has a lot of absolutely gorgeous beaches to see. I have not seen all there is to see yet and I am a true beach lover as I grew up close to some of the most gorgeous beaches in Norway.  With that said I would still highly recommend to first visit these beaches before thinking about the others as Santa Monica and Venice beach especially is a must see and do when you travel to The City of Angels. This is where I experienced my first LA sunset, had my first American burger and I completely fell in love at first sight.

2. Beverly Hills

My first time in Beverly Hills was with a tour bus called RastaBus which was highly entertaining. Our tour guide was extremely funny but I was not to happy about the amount of time we got in each of the places we were visitng. I was amazed at all the beautiful streets, stores, the trees (haha!) and the people in Beverly Hills. Take a trip to Rodeo Drive, remember to take your picture in front of the Beverly Hills sign in Beverly Gardens Park and please do go for a drive on gorgeous Mulholland Drive!

3. Venice Beach & Venice

Venice – wow! I absolutely adore Venice. It is so exciting and fun. Everywhere you go and turn your head something is happening and the photos you can shoot in Venice are insanely cool. Be creative and have fun! Remember to visit the Venice Canal, don’t get caught into all the tourist traps along The Venice Boardwalk (Been there, done that) and stop by Muscle Beach as well! If you have a little extra time, go take a walk at Abbot Kinney Boulevard!

4. Downtown LA

I have not spent enough time in DTLA but after driving through, seeing all the cool buildings and attending a fun event at OUE Skyspace ( This is where the glass slide from the top of the building is if you like a little bit of adrenaline and a extremely good view ) I am going to explore Downtown more when I’m going to LA in the end of May.

5. The Walk of Fame / Hollywood

The Walk of Fame was everything I didn’t expect. The first time there I only had 10 minutes to check it out before my tour bus was leaving so I was running like crazy just to get a look at as much as possible in the short time I had. This is not recommended if you are a stressed person in general, but taking a tour bus to see some of the “must see” in LA is worth it as you get to experience so much in just one day. Especially if you don’t have too much time in the city. I will not say too much about The Walk of Fame other than of course you have to see it while you are in LA the first time. Don’t get scared about all the people dressed up as Spiderman, Edward scissorhands, Jack Sparrow, Elsa, and other fictional characters. (Yes, I’m easily scared. It’s not my fault I grew up in a city with 1300 people) It’s a part of the experience. Remember to check out The Chinese Theatre, The Dolby Theatre where the Oscar’s are held, El Capitan and Hollywood and Highland Center.

6. Universal Studios & Universal CityWalk / Disneyland / California Adventure Park.

I did both Universal Studios and Disneyland my first time in Los Angeles and I don’t regret it for a second. I have not yet visited California Adventure Park which is also a part of Disney but is more focused on rides and are probably better for the more grown up audience. The Disneyland Park is the original, and is of course the small children’s favorite place – And mine. Every since I was a little girl I dreamt about visiting Disneyland, so I’m sure you can understand my excitement over being there, even if I’m suppose to be an adult now.

7. Griffith Observatory / The Hollywood sign

At the Griffith Observatory you get the absolute most stunning view over Los Angeles City which brings tears to my eyes every single time. I have been there several times, both by tour bus, cars and by hiking up to the top. This is a must see and do in Los Angeles. Here you also get a pretty good view of The Hollywood sign!

8. Clubbing in West Hollywood

My first clubbing experience in Los Angeles was more than fun and we actually went out on a Monday night (!) Still, it was so much fun and so much happening compared to Norway and I had the time of my life. LA is crowded with all types of people which is one of the things I love most about the city.  You absolutely have to take a night out to West Hollywood and check out the clubs! Remember to bring cash to dinners and clubs to tip servers and bartenders.

9. Runyon Canyon Park

If you like to go hiking, good views and nature you absolutely have to go hike Runyon Canyon. To be honest it took me quite a while before I did it but now it’s done and I can’t wait to do it again when I’m going to Los Angeles with a group of friends and my sisters in the end of this month!

10. It’s totally up to you! Make plans but be open!
You simply have to enjoy Los Angeles when you are on vacation there. I always believe it’s a good idea to plan things out a little bit ahead, but not to follow such a schedule that you take away all the fun out of it. Sometimes the best memories are created by being a little impulsive and in a city like Los Angeles you never know what to expect, see and who you are going to meet.

Are you ready to check out the City of Angels? I can’t wait to show my friends one of the cities I love the most! Xx

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