The big spring clean up is coming – What are you cleaning out this year?

It’s spring. Longer days, more sunshine, warmer weather.
It’s time for a good clean up.

How do I plan on doing my clean up this year? First I am going to continue focusing on what I shared in my previous post. The weight loss this time is more than ever about my mind. I am learning new and better ways to combine being healthy in my mind as well as in my body, and not putting myself down in any way at all for any reason at all. We are all human, we are all equal and we are all worthy no matter what. It’s so easy to body shame yourself when the issues really isn’t about your body, it doesn’t start there.

Being healthy is a combination of many factors – Not just the physical body. You can be a professional athlete, have a six pack and eat as healthy as anybody could dream of without actually being healthy. Healthy goes far beyond that. Healthy is deeper.
I am constantly working on these parts of myself as this is also the best way I can share my knowledge and experience with the world and help more people feeling better and better about themselves and in their life.

Life is suppose to be good, I have always believed in it – In both hard and good times. I believe in love, I believe in the good, I believe in peace and I believe in taking care of your body as it is your temple.

The rest of my clean up is practical things when I travel back to Norway this weekend. I have to get the rest of my belongings, clothing’s and stuff that I don’t really need sorted out. Some things I may give to charity, to friends and family and some things I may throw away. Some things I will keep. Traveling for months, almost a year, has totally changed my life and at this moment all my belongings are stored in an old, big sauna room in my mom’s house. It’s quite amazing looking back at how I thought I needed all the material things in my life to be happy, and when I finally had all that I could ever wish for seen in a materialistic matter – I was more unhappy than I had ever been. Little by little it changed and I had to do it to be happy and healthy. Other aspects of my clean up is going to be working on keeping and nurturing good relationships and people that I want to keep in my life as well as sorting out more work aspects and get more routines in my life. It’s important finding a balance of enjoying and working.

This years clean up is gonna be a good one.
Tell me how your clean up is happening this year? What are you doing for yourself?
Sending lot’s of love out to all of you beautiful people! Xx

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