1-2-3 Ready! Let’s drop the weight!

Traveling in California sure provides you with the one thing us Norwegians long for most of the year – Gorgeous weather. These days the sun is so hot, I am currently sun burned all over my chest after laying in the bikini by the pool and realized at the same time that two (!) of my favorite denim shorts didn’t fit me anymore. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not the end of the world, it’s more interesting to me how fast it can happen without me even being aware of it and that takes me back to the time I used to be over weight. Another thing that is interesting to me is learning how the most easy, simple dishes in America can have as much as the double amount of calories as what I would get ordering some kind of the same thing in Norway. Here much of the food is so full of sugar and fat that are easily hidden and I wasn’t aware of it. Until now.
Note: These pictures is taken before my weight gain

I knew that it would for sure happen to me this time, which I was fine with as long as I didn’t let it go too far ( As you guys know I used to be over weight some years ago and I worked hard to lose all that weight ). Traveling around in places around Asia for several months, being sick for almost the whole period where my body couldn’t take in a lot of food because of something I got in Asia and then staying some time in America laying in bed all day, eating whatever I want at anytime I want, spending Christmas here and not to mention all the clubbing I have been doing, has given the results that was expected.

I have decided to lose about 6  kilos / 14 pounds before the summer starts. Well, actually it feels like the summer is already here, but I have to go by my Norwegian seasons on this one guys or else I may actually freak out.

So how do I plan on doing it? I know that many of you still keep asking me the same questions about food, exercise and dieting and I will not stop saying what I always say – First of all, it starts from the inside. To lose weight, you need to actually like and care for the person you are today. Second, you don’t need to make total, complete changes in the way you eat and live from day one. Take it time by time, little by little. Make goals, but make smaller goals that you can achieve on the way to your big goal. It also of course depends on how much weight you need to or want to lose. If it’s only a couple of pounds, it won’t be as challenging mentally as if you are doing a total transformation like I did when I was over weight.

The things I am going to change this time are easy and small changes that gives results:
1. I will drink more water.
2. I will workout at least three to four times a week as well as going on hikes and walks daily. My plan is to add more workouts as I go when I feel I am ready to do it.
3. I will cut out or cut down to a bare minimum on candy, potato chips, cakes, fast food and not order food in.
4. I will eat more protein, eggs, oatmeal, vegetables, wherever I am staying and not only eat out or order in.
5. I will take all my vitamins every day.
6. I will be careful when I go clubbing and use my mind.
7. I will not do things I don’t like to do. I don’t do workouts I am not able to have fun with, I don’t eat anything I don’t like the taste of and I don’t force myself over and over to do things that I literally hate. That doesn’t mean that I won’t have to kick myself in the ass sometimes, but I believe there’s always a healthy balance for everything.

It doesn’t have to be extreme, do it the way you feel is right for you, but don’t fool yourself either. Work on finding a balance, don’t be afraid to try different types of workouts in both how challenging they are and also what type of workouts you do, different types of foods, having fun with the process, exploring and enjoying life.
I fully believe in enjoying life as much as possible, also when you are losing weight. Don’t beat yourself up, lift yourself up, be good to you, be good to others and don’t give up. Believe that you are worth it because you really really truly are and if you are doing it it should only be for yourself, not for a boy or girlfriend, not for the society, not for anything or anyone else, but for you, your health and your mind.

Is there somebody else out there who is planning on dropping some weight before the summer? Tell me in the comment section guys! Xx


  1. I am 52 years old and a former top amateur and professional athlete. I stopped working out 10 years ago…so you know the result. I will need to stop 15lbs to feel healthy again. I have some discretionary income, so I can eat what and when I want. It’s hard to not eat. I have to do this for my health

    1. Jeanette Walayat

      Oh – I see. May I ask how you are planning on doing it? I’m sure you have all the knowledge as you are a former top amateur and professional athlete, and I am sure you will make it! There’s nothing better than feeling healthy and balanced in your mind and your body. I wish you all the very best of luck! Let’s keep updated!

  2. Like you I want to lose 6 kilos, maybe 7. I`ve allready lost 10kg since New Years, and I`m feeling so much better with myself! Only a few more kilos to go 😀

    1. Jeanette Walayat

      That’s fantastic! Great job!! I’m so happy for you! May I ask you how you are doing it? Are you happy with the way you are doing it, do you feel healthy and balanced? Keep on going! 😀 Hugs!

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