See you soon Norway!

Gud som tiden flyr!
Jeg føler det som om det var i går jeg landet på LAX – Men det begynner å bli en stund siden! Sommeren og å tilbringe sommerferien i denne byen har vært helt ubeskrivelig. Tiden her går forbi minst 80% raskere enn den gjør i vårt vakre lille land. Jeg tror jeg har overbevist hver eneste amerikaner jeg har møtt denne sommeren om å besøke Norge. Jeg kan ikke si jeg er kjempeklar for å ta en tur til Norge og få i gang litt jobb, men er glad for å skulle se igjen familie og venner, samt selvfølgelig ta en skikkelig sommerfest med gjengen hos United Influencer’s. Det er ikke mye tid jeg har fått med dem når jeg har vært på reise i det som føles som flere år. I tillegg må jeg nesten skaffe meg litt cash money for å kunne fortsette å reise. Drømmen videre er selvfølgelig å endelig få tatt turen til San Fransisco, New York (Håper på i førjulstiden) og ikke minst en tur til Peru og India.
Jeg kunne nok ramset opp steder jeg planlegger å besøke i timesvis, men det får holde for denne gang. De siste dagene her i LA skal brukes til strender, god mat, en tur ut på favorittklubben min muligens, en skikkelig hiking opp Runyon Canyon og å tilbringe så mye tid som mulig med et menneske som betyr vanvittig mye for meg!

Time flies!
I feel like I landed at LAX yesterday! Spending the summer vacation and my birthday in this city has been unbelievable and I can promise you guys that the time goes by  a minimum of 80 % faster then it does in our small, but beautiful country Norway. I do believe I have made every single American I have met during this summer wanting to visit Norway. I can’t say that I’m super ready to go to Oslo and catch up some work, but I’m happy about seeing my family, friends and attend the official United Influencers summer party. I haven’t spent too much time with my agency since I’ve been traveling so much. Also, I do need to get some more cash so I can continue my travels! My dream from now is of course to finally get to see San Fransisco, New York (Hopefully in November) and make a trip to both Peru and India. I could continue writing about all the places I still wanna see for hours, but this is enugh for nor. My last days here in LA will be used wisely – Beaches, tanning, delicious food, maybe a trip out to my favorite club, have a good hike up Runyon Canyon and spend as much time as possible with someone who means insanely much to me here.

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Talk to you guys from Norway!



Starten på reisen min jorden rundt er herved i gang – På YouTube! Første destinasjon er å komme seg fra Oslo til Bangkok, hvor jeg gjorde en aldri så liten feil (Selvfølgelig starter reisen med det som er veldig meg: nemlig å drite litt på draget) og derfor endte vi opp i Bangkok istedenfor langt oppe i jungelen, hvor vi skal arbeide frivillig med elefanter og andre dyr hos Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand.
Men hey – Hvem har noe i mot en natt i Bangkok?
Abonner veldig gjerne på kanalen min for å følge reisene mine, livet mitt, tips og råd når du reiser i tillegg til skravling om alt og ingenting!

My journey as a backpacker around the world has finally started – On YouTube! Our first destination is getting from Oslo, Norway to Bangkok, where I made a tiny mistake (Of course I’m starting my travels in the way I usually do life itself, messing up) and therefore we landed in Bangkok instead of heading to the jungle to work as a volunteer with elephants and other rescued animals at Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand.
But hey – Who minds having “One night in Bangkok”?
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YouTuber next!

Guys, guys, guys.
Wow – It took me forever huh? About 11 months to be 100% honest.
11 months from when I wanted to do Youtube till I’m actually starting it. I can blame all my travels, my little trip to the hospital which lead me to be how many months in such a weird place in my body and mind, my head, my confusion, my childish behavior who gets sick of everything way too fast, my lazyness – But instead I’m just going to say..

Well done Jeanette!
Bring out the Champagne!

My birthday is over by the way, but not officially. I am going to have another celebration and it’s probably going to include everything from too much food to cake to drinks to fun, dancing and love – I’m ready! You can’t have too many birthday celebrations, right? At least not when you are a true Leo.
So, back to my Youtube.

For all you Norwegians out there, I want to say this: Yes, it’s probably going to be 90% in English and No, that’s not a problem. Come on guys! I already have people in Norway bugging me about this, don’t we learn English in school guys? Aren’t we lucky enough to have a school system at all? Aren’t we fortunate to learn English so early on? Can’t we show the world that Norwegians actually can speak better English then what we hear from Jens Stoltenberg, Petter Solberg and the people who works at NSB?

Let’s do this guys! Norwegians are good in English, because we should be!

I will let you guys know when it’s 100% up and running so till then – Practice your English! (So easy for me to say who basically have been speaking English for almost a whole year, with a little bit of drunk Norwegian in between)


Instagram @jeanettewalayat

Instagram is a fun, inspirational, easy to use, easy way to connect, a lovely little (big!) place for people sharing beautiful photos, videos, quotes and lifting each other up.
Instagram for me is about creating something from the heart, sharing some of my most loving happy thoughts with photos of my travels, my life and my journey.
I’m finally so motivated again, I feel like I am finally back – And I’ve grown hell a lot. It feels good, and I want to share good.
Videos are my next project – I can’t wait you guys, be aware – I’m a little weird, but hey – Who isn’t?
Enjoy this gorgeous day and thanks for following, sharing, commenting and being who you are!


Finally hot enough to complain

I’m literally melting away these days – It’s so hot outside, inside, anywhere, everywhere.
I said never to complain – But I can’t help myself. I’m guilty from this day on.
The other day I went running in the middle of the day and found myself almost passing out as I did not bring any water and had to run seeking shadow as all the sudden I couldn’t see and got a little bit too dizzy for what’s considered healthy – Haha! There I was proud thinking that for some reason I’m the only one healthy, passionate, and dedicated with a strong will working out in LA on that gorgeous day – But NO. No. No. No. Instead I was the only stupid Norwegian who has never experienced a hot summer in California. Ever since then I keep my running late evening, and so does everyone else – Haha! #NotSoStupid
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When do we ever really grow up?

July is already here, I’m gonna be one year older pretty soon and I am spending my birthday in Los Angeles this year. I’m not ready at all – but at the same time I kind of am.

I used to think I knew so much, it’s like when you turn 17, you think you are almost adult. You may even feel adult when you are 15. When you turn 23, you think for sure you are a very grown up adult, when you turn 25 you are starting to worry about not being adult enough and not having everything planned out and all the sudden you realize “Wait a minute!” The whole point is not having everything figured out at a certain time or at a certain age, the whole point is not having a child, being married and have a house by the age of 25 if this is not something that feels right for YOU in that moment.
I am turning 30 in two weeks and I am still looking for an adultier adult – Have you guys heard that saying?

“The horrifying moment when you’re looking for an adult but then you realize that you’re an adult. So, you look for an older adult, someone sucessfully adulting. An adultier adult

We are too busy trying to fit into something to realize that happiness comes from following your dreams, heart and desires and not from trying to impress anyone or anything.
Not society, not family, not your lover – You should only try to impress you, you should only compare yourself to you and you should only compete with yourself. I have needed to work so hard on this because as you guys know I am Norwegian – But I’m far from the “typical” Norwegian. I never felt that I fit in completely with what my friends had plans for in life, not when it came to job, not when it came to school, not when it came to relationships or anything I wanted to do with my life – Nothing. I was the opposite and it freaked me out. I dropped out of school early to work for myself instead, I started my own company and I fell on my face a million times – I still do, but I never keep fighting. I was told often that I was crazy, that I should do this or that – But I did not listen.

There were times I should have listened, and there were times I’m so happy this day that I did not listen. Only you can find your path, but you can for sure let the people that has your best interest in mind and that loves you, guide you on the way. Some of them will disappear on the way, some of them will stay in your life – And that’s ok. I have had to let go of so many people, so many things I was used to, so much – By doing that I was able to breathe for the first time, take one two or three steps back and look at my life in a different way. It absolutely opened my eyes and changed my life.

I think we grow up the moment we realize that we don’t really have to grow up – In the way we think we do. We are all learning and by keeping the childish fun, the joy of life, the energy and the happiness in your heart combined with growing up you can have a little bit of both.
Let’s be who we really are, let’s grow up, but let’s not (!) be afraid of letting the child inside of us out! Life is suppose to be fun, joyful, giving and energizing, life is suppose to be worth it. It’s suppose to be worth it all, and it will be.



Are you on the right or wrong path in your life?

I cannot believe that for some funny reason, the Universe played a little trick on me. Or maybe not a trick, more like a sign. And I know what the sign means. That’s the thing guys, when the Universe, God or whatever you believe in (nothing is right or wrong) gives you a sign – It’s up to you to understand and analyze what that means. Only you can know for sure, but always look out for the signs as these are showing you if you really are on the right or wrong path in your life.

I was driving around (to be honest, I don’t even drive. But I was in a car, someone else was driving, just to be clear) in Los Angeles looking for a place to shoot some photos for my Instagram a couple of days ago, where I accidentally saw this ring.

Of course I wanna shoot photos there!
It was not more than some hours later when I was editing that I realized that for exactly (!), and I mean exactly 1 year ago I was doing the same thing, but not in Los Angeles – In Norway. I was looking for a place to shoot some photos and all the sudden got my eyes set on a concrete ring close to the beautiful Oslo Opera House.

I posted that photo for my birthday last year – July 26, 2016. The day I took that photo I was absolutely heartbroken. I was so sad, I did not see any hope for the future, I did not see how my life was ever going to turn out good in any kind of way ever again ( Yes, I am very dramatic but I’m also very sensitive and emotional so when stuff hits me, if it’s something I really care about or love, it hits me so damn hard. I guess that’s because when I love and give – I really give it all and open completely up which is scary but at the same time, feels so good).

I did not have my apartment in Oslo anymore and stayed with a friend of mine for in Oslo those days, I did not have a lot of money, I did not have as many plans or work projects through my own company as I had been working to get – Except from the one plan that I knew I was going to leave Norway in August 2016 for a trip all around the world as a backpacker.
At some point I was actually a lot concerned about the trip. I went back and forth with the feeling of wanting to do it and not wanting to, I was scared about the money as I had not gotten as much work as I wanted, I was scared about the trip in general, and I was so extremely depressed – But I did it.

Who would have guessed that I was gonna be traveling for almost 8 months in amazing places like Thailand, Fiji, Australia, USA, Indonesia, who would have thought I was gonna feel real, true happiness and love and that I was gonna be given the life sparkle right back to me – Only bigger, better and stronger than ever before. I was also gonna experience more of true hell, before I got a piece of  heaven.

I’m so lucky, I’m so grateful and I KNOW that things DO get better. They do, they will – As long as you don’t give up and don’t stop loving and believing. No matter how badly you are hurt, or how fucked up your life seems at times – There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Life is not a dance on roses, life is not all unicorns (only a few) but life is incredible and you can learn so much if you open up and follow your heart, desires and dreams.
Do good, be good, receive good.
I love you guys.



Do I deserve it?

The answer to the question “Do I really deserve to be happy?” is always yes.

It doesn’t matter who you are today, it doesn’t matter what age you are at, it doesn’t matter what sex you are, it doesn’t matter what color your skin is, it doesn’t matter what your religion is, it doesn’t matter if you have been told you do not deserve it, you are not worth it, you are not a good person, you are not good enough, you are not beautiful enough, you are not smart enough – It’s wrong. So wrong.

You DO deserve it – And you can do the changes to make it happen.

We are all children of the Universe, we are all here to learn, we are all here to do something right. What is your right? What fills your heart with true good feelings of love, kindness, energy and happiness? It’s not money because that doesn’t last and you know it’s true, it’s something real – Real for you. What is your passion? What do your dreams mean to you and what are your dreams? What have you always wanted to achieve, change or do, that you have never dared to do? It’s not too late. If you are reading this – You can still do it. As long as you are alive and breathing, you can do it.

Life can be so horrible and so incredible fantastic and unbelievable good at the same time – Just as humans. We are all horrible and extraordinary at once. What do you choose to be very most?

Listen to yourself.

Have you ever been so happy it brings tears to your eyes? Have you ever had a job so fulfilling that you cannot believe how lucky you are? Even if you are exhausted at times. Have you ever been in love? Do you ever stop and just smell the flowers? Do you look around you when you are outside? I mean – Do you really see? Do you see people and how they feel? Do you feel everything? Are you open, closed or somewhere in between? Think about it.

Whatever makes you heart jump, whatever fills you up with energy, love and happiness – That’s what’s right for you. Go for it – This is your life, your decisions. Do the best while you still can, be the best while you still can and don’t stop till you are where you wanna be. You are beautiful. You are worthy.