This can change your life // It’s a beautiful day to smile

You become stronger by facing and overcoming obstacles

You become stronger by pushing your limits
You become stronger by daring to face yourself and all of your emotions, in both the good and the bad
You become stronger by rising after falling
You become stronger by failing because that’s the only way you learn

Without obstacles, challenges, pain and changes in our lives – Growth simply doesn’t happen. Sure it’s comfortable staying ” comfortable and content” but it all comes down to this:
What do you truly want out of your life?

You are here right now, this second. You are breathing, feeling, thinking and living.
You can choose to live like a robot, as a zombie, closing your eyes, heart, mind and soul to your true desires, passion, life purpose and happiness or you can choose to live at the highest.
You can choose to believe that your inner dreams and desires actually can and will happen (!) because you are the one who has the power to make them happen, or you can give up.
You can choose to feel everything deep within you bones, which naturally will cause both great pain at times, but also the greatest happiness and blissful feelings one can ever imagine.

I will tell you this:

I promise that if you dare to completely surrender, open your heart, mind and soul to everything that’s surrounding you and are waiting for you, choosing to get out of that ridiculous comfort zone – Your life will become something you can’t possible imagine at this point. Everything around you changes, because everything inside you changes.
Every breath you take is bigger
Every sunset you see is more beautiful
Every tear you shed you feel deeper
Every laugh you get brings more joy
A life that is magnified is a life worth living

Life will give you struggles, pain and hurt, and sometimes it will seem like it’s impossible to get out of it, change it, or rise from it – But it’s not.
It’s 100% possible and you can do whatever you set your mind to.
It’s just another big (!) opportunity to do something different, learn something new, get past something painful that has been weighing you down.

If what you have been doing so far hasn’t led you to exactly where you want to be:
How can you change it? Which steps can you do in order to take control of your own life and do what needs to be done, for you?
Success, change and happiness doesn’t happen within a few weeks.
You need to be persistent, you need to keep going, you need to not give up even if you fall back at times, it’s ok. Nobody is perfect and only the people who dare to fail are the ones who eventually will succeed.
Who do you choose to be?


Yes. I am a Dreamer

There are days I look back at my life and I ask myself “Why do you always keep on dreaming Jeanette and where does it come from?” Ever since I was just a child, I’ve been a dreamer, a lover and a believer.

I believe even on the darkest nights, even when there’s no hope, when everything inside of me is falling apart and I can’t even feel my own heart or soul – I still believe.

I’ve always believed in the good and I’ve always been loving and big hearted. I have loved from within my heart and from my bones since I even started learning how to walk, or even how to feel anything. There’s always been this part of me that knows deep within that love is the answer.
When I say love is the answer, I don’t necessarily mean love between lovers.
Just love. That’s it.
Love for each other, one another, friends, family, strangers, animals, the planet, the trees, flowers, the earth.
Without it, what is there?
What is there left if you don’t have any love inside your heart and soul?
It is empty.
It’s not even pain. It’s just.
It’s a hole.

I will always believe,
I will always dream and I will always love


TRAVEL VLOG: Broke Backpackers Headed to Sydney

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Being a backpacker is not always the most relaxing way of traveling and the challenges are quite a bit different than any other way of travel that I have done before, but if there is one thing that is sure it is this:
Backpacking rewards you on a whole other level, deeper, more beautiful, true and adventurous. It is so giving. Not to mention fun. The rewards are so much bigger than what you can imagine and during this trip I have created memories I would pay 100.000$ for.
Experiencing the world with just a backpack, little to no material things, little money and being challenged in so many aspects in life on so many different parts of our planet is truly the most beautiful experience of my life.
I would do it all over again and I would do it 3 times again.
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Don’t Look Back At Your Life Regretting The Things You Didn’t Do

I don’t want you to one day have to look back at your life only seeing all the things you never tried

realizing it might be too late, all the trips you didn’t take, the dreams you didn’t chase or the one true love you didn’t follow because you were too scared.
Start today.
One step at a time.
Be brave.
Be you.

You can travel, you can meet the love of your life, you can have that great career you’ve always dreamt of, you can publish that book, you can become a singer, you can paint, you can do anything you set your mind to, but mark my words
YOU have to do it and you have to decide.

I’m not talking about only dreaming or wishing. I’m not talking about big doubts.
I’m talking about DOING.

Now don’t mistake this for just chasing everything from morning till night, no rest, no free time, nothing else. That is not what I am talking about.
Everything amazing in life comes from a perfect balance and without balance you will fail.
You have to trust the process and be patient, at the same time as working hard on achieving your goals and staying true to your core values and good self.
Staying grateful on the path.
It’s about coming to a peaceful place, while chasing the dreams and passions of and in your life.
When you come to this place, you WILL be at peace, even if you physically aren’t there yet and you will know within that everything is on it’s way to you in the perfect time for you.
You won’t let anything or anybody stop you, and you won’t have anymore doubts.
Trust. Believe. Keep going.
I know you can do it.
I believe in you and I believe in me.
Let’s make dreams happen!


Are YOU Self-Aware? WATCH THIS

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Self-awareness is not always something we do in our everyday life, and  something we may not even think about. The importance of self-awareness is why I decided to make this short video. At a recent event and time in my life I totally forgot about the importance of self-awareness.
This again resulted in me forgetting who I am, what really truly matters to me and to spend my every day life by actually being, breathing and living the person and soul that I am and have within.
It is so easy, easier than you might even think about, to forget who you are, in the path of seeking success, love, or anything you desire in life.
You don’t want to walk around in this world like a zombie, do you?
You want and deserve true happiness from within, confidence, insight, love, care, inspiration flowing through you, creativity, compassion, success and everything you are suppose to have and become.
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I believe

I believe in the sun even when it’s not shining
I believe in the good in the world, even when I can’t always see it around me
I believe in the path and growth ahead, even when I have failed the most I have ever failed
I believe that sometimes only the hardest and scariest lessons in life, are the ones that can teach you something truly valuable

I believe in never forgetting to be humble and if you do – Get those feet of yours back on the ground and remember who you are
I believe in never ever forgetting the ones that care for you
I believe in change
I believe and so I will achieve❣️



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Beautiful white beaches, clear blue water, on a sailboat for several days in Australia. I guess I don’t have to explain that this wasn’t the worst experience of my life?
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Chase those dreams, laugh, live and keep going!

Vakre, hvite sandstrender, krystall kart blått vann på en seilbåt i flere dager i fantastiske Australia. Jeg trenger vel ikke forklare at dette ikke var den verste oppevelsen i mitt liv? Helt fantastisk!
Jeg er tilbake i Norge for øyeblikket, men kommer til å fortsette å publisere mine reise og coaching videoer på både Facebook siden min & YouTube!
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Ha en nydelig helg!